Bayern Munich's Uncertain Future - How will Bayern keep their identities after Heynckes?

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Bayern Munich under their manager Jupp Heynckes are most likely having their best season since their manager's last spell, which was in 2013. After having a disappointing season, losing to Real Madrid and PSG in the UEFA Champion's League under former manager Carlo Ancelotti, Bayern has only lost once, against RB Leipzig last week, under Heynckes. Bayern has also won their away match against Sevilla, increasing their probability of progressing to the semifinals, and perhaps becoming champions. Bayern is also a match away from keeping their title streak.

However, many Bayern fans worry about what will happen after the season. Heynckes will retire after this season, and it would be quite a burden to assign another spell to the manager. Also, wingers Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery also has possibilities of leaving the team after a couple of seasons. The so-called "Robbery" duo has been the identity of Bayern's attack, uncomparable to any other player combination that exists now.

Even so, Bayern still needs rebuilding, with a new manager and new potential players. Some potential managers that may succeed Heynckes are introduced here.

  1. Niko Kovač
    Kovač is a Bundesliga legend and current manager of Eintracht Frankfurt. His managing skills were verified well during his spell as the coach of the Croatian National Team. Eintracht Frankfurt is now able to progress into Europa League if they stay at 6th, even if they were under threat of relegation before Kovač became manager. Kovač's tactics are highly similar to Bayern's original ones, so he would not have to consume a great amount of time to get used to them. The only doubt about Kovač is that this will be his first time managing a big club. He isn't a big name like Guardiola, Mourinho, etc, but we can observe how things go on if Kovač begins his spell as manager.

  2. Jürgen Klopp
    Klopp is one of those big name managers stated above. He has coached German teams for almost 15 years before going to Liverpool, and created Gegenpressing tactics. The tactics of Heynckes benchmarked those of Klopp quite a lot, and that led to the treble of Bayern. Klopp is certainly a firm choice, but it would be quite hard to bring him in, and there may be minor tactical differences between Dortmund/Liverpool and Bayern that Klopp should get used to.

  3. Thomas Tuchel
    Perhaps the most unlikely selection, Tuchel is a very skilled manager but had troubles with the Dortmund board before his departure. The board may hesitate because of this. Many teams are looking to appoint him as manager, such as Arsenal.

  4. Ralph Heisenhüttl
    Heisenhüttl had led RB Leipzig to become a respected team in Bundesliga. His policies related to youth development will definitely help Bayern find a perfect replacement to Robben and Ribery.

  5. Julian Nagelsmann
    Nagelsmann is the sensational young manager of last season, and was rumored as Uli Hoeneß's first choice. As he is one of the youngest managers, he can maybe stay as manager for quite a long time. He has won matches against Bayern last season, and understands various tactics very well. Nagelsmann has the potential to be a top class manager for a long time, regardless of when he is appointed.

  6. Joachim Löw
    The current coach of the Mannschaft knows German players better than any other managers listed. He successfully made Joshua Kimmich potentially the next Phillip Lahm, and basically coached most important Bayern players. However, as the 2018 World Cup is coming up, it is unlikely that Löw will join Bayern at June.

  7. Paulo Fonseca
    Fonseca has experience with Shakhtar Donetsk, making him one of the potential managers that can award Bayern with the Big Ear. His tactics are quite good for Bayern, and he can surely add things up for the club.

  8. Christian Streich
    For the past 16 years, Streich has been affiliated with SC Freiburg. He is not as widely rumored as other coaches in this list, but he has a firm sense of what is going on in Bundesliga. Streich will definitely be a good option as manager.

If you know of other managers that may be a good fit, please leave a comment! THANK YOU!


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