See the beauty of Banda Aceh City from the top of the hill

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Again regret me, why not until 8 pm to take timelapse, but it looks more amazing because it potreys the City of Banda Aceh with sparkling light of its light.

But know itself is the condition of this place that we have never visited and do not know its condition like what so, and lonely no one anymore. Plus, I fears something terrible night happen







If I invite my friends, i'm afraid something night happen to them. Afraid he does not want to go or later can not follow, because not the same hobby. My hobby is weird, but it makes me heppy doing it, because it can get rid of saturation, stress. I sit every day sitting in front of my pc. Wkwk


hahaha terimakasih bg. mohon bimbingannya newbie ni masih di steemit :D

newbie bg, mohon tips dan trik nya hehe

bereh that cek mus tanyoe . baru 2 jam ka 1 $ .
mantap . hehe

droe leubeh beres lom. hehe

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Those are splendid photographs, where is the location

Salam kenal bang.
Saya pendatang baru juga di steemit.
Mari saling berbagi

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