Food Prices Up And Non-Availability

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This video was originally published 16/7/2019

Ontario is also experiencing this empty store shelves scenario. LCBO, a liquor & beverages shop, is again blaming the new warehouse management system for the shortages. So, anything that involves grains to distill spirits showing some duress.

I can finally understand why the US government is rationing ethanol production before the corn shortages set in.

The notice reads: “Please see one of our customer care service representatives for alternative recommendations.” If I were the customer service representative, I would say, “Go and buy a lot of stuff for a long-term food storage, because next year is going to be worse than this year.

Walmart in Central Ohio is also running out of flour, bread, and other wheat-based products. Instant noodles, different kinds of boxed items, instant potatoes, pastas, etc. are also dwindling.

Then in Target, this is how the shelves look like. This type of empty shelf scenario was seen in May as well.

This is a progression. I wrote an article about this in February, when we had the same in May, June, and July, and like Rut said, this is caused by pollinators being affected by different chemicals in our environment. It is truly an extinction-level event, when we lose these pollinators. Nature is taking away our crops, and we cannot pollinate by hand fast enough to feed the planet.

The U.K that has not experienced a hurricane as of late but has empty shelves. Either way, this is an unacceptable event on a Monday.

It is just the supply chain, and nothing to worry about, so go back to work and pay your taxes, at least that is what ‘they’ say.

On a serious note, Winnipeg Harvest and other food banks feeding the homeless community are asking for your help because they are running out of food too.

They are in dire need of canned stew, canned beans, fish, peanut butter, and carbohydrates like pasta, rice, instant potatoes, mac and cheese, etc. Those are the same things that are unavailable, as discussed in this article so far. Do you think this is a coincidence?

Anyway, the trickle-down effect is going right to the bottom segment of the population, and as I have said since the beginning of this channel, it is going to take about 10–15% of people at the lower strata of economic earnings, in any country, to go to the streets to disrupt the entire country economically. When this happens, the police state will go into action, because governments will have to control those people.

FYI: There is not enough police or army to control 30–40 million people in the United States. They will have to use 5G as a crowd control device, to control all the unruly protesters due to food riots that will be coming to a city near you.

Finally, a reality check, hourly compensation is depicted by the green line, while the productivity per hour is shown by the orange line. You are priced out of the market. Good Luck

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