To increase Employee Loyalty

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To increase Employee Loyalty


  • Don’t treat employees like machines – Employees want to know that their employer understands the need for a work/life balance.

  • Respects employees needs.

  • Create opportunities for growth and development – Always make sure there are ways your employees can grow and can do work that inspires them.

  • Recognize Employees' efforts and accomplishments - Everyone wants to feel appreciated. Frequent sincere recognition keeps your team engaged and productive.


  • Don't micromanage - Trust employees. Give them autonomy and breathing space to get their work done.

  • Provide adequate training and support. Training demonstrates a company’s commitment to employees in terms of personal and professional growth.

  • Show Empathy. Show that you care. Very few bosses show empathy towards their team members and this helps improve overall team morale and performance.

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  • Open Communication - Communicate often with employees and welcome feedback. Listening and acting on employees viewpoints demonstrates that you value their opinion.