A Sober Heart

in #emotions4 years ago



I wrote this to you in a mood not lively, of course when trust is betrayed the first and second, and the person you believe has your back stabs you, hurting you with events that happened in the past, and takes pleasure in acts that one is almost forced to think if the love was worth it... Its been said words hurt more than actions, I know, but there are times when infact you wish you can hate me forever, but then you remember the interesting moments we had together, you almost miss them, but the hurt

remains and covers the good memories.
I do not say I deserve forgiveness, nor am I worth compassion, but its been a hard time for me trying to forget you. It just doesn't feel right being with another. Your words of comfort and encouragement keeps flashing through my mind, your smile and laugh keeps playing in my head, I can't forget that, nor can I forget your gorgeous style.
All our time together, I always told you, you are incomparable, never have I felt like this with a
woman... Touching the deepest of my mind, love exploited to its fullest, could not but control me.
Swallowing all pride, I come to my knees and beg you to ignite the love you once had, your love still
fresh in my mind, I cannot but bear the consequence of my actions...
My queen, another opportunity is all I ask for...
I have missed you!