[SRS] Emotions, the doom of modern society

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I am starting a newly themed posts with [SRS] sign. These posts will be Serious.
In my way it means, that if you're happy, or in any kind of good mood, you should avoid these posts.

Emotions Above Everything

Modern society values emotions above everything else. We still keep hearing about the "tolerance", feelings, or even men's feelings, and all sorts of these bullshits.

What is it really good for? Well, you guessed it. For nothing, but that's too short. Let's take the long way.

Let's take the first one. Tolerance.
The truth is, that the intolerance of different races or women, gays and lesbians is illegal in the civilized societies. End of the story... Really.
You are actually spreading hatred towards everyone by forcing them to somehow accept what they already accepted.
You should really focus on the countries where this thing isn't even legal.

Feelings... Ahh... When someone says feelings, they usually mean emotions.
But feeling is also pain, so I have to admit it's existence in men's world. I wanna talk mainly about the men, because this thing is affecting them too much.
The forced "emotization" or weakening the men's naturalness is a huge problem of today's society. When you're old enough to understand mankind's composition, basic genetics or just a biology, you can say "I am a man, I know what a man does", and behave and act accordingly to this. But what about the children?
When a kid grows in the society where it's roots are completely changed, more likely completely destroyed, he doesn't know who he even is. This is something terrible, something unimaginable for us. It's also something unimaginable for those who implemented it. The child doesn't know who he is, and he is growing in a feminized environment, therefore he logically has to become a women. I'm talking about Sweden specifically, but basically every civilized country is feminized (the women are on higher post in society - means that they are valued more. Yes that's actually true, benefits - man dies first when it comes to that, relieves, lower expectations when it comes to strength - yes that's benefit, you don't have to carry heavy things.) And when there is something that is valued more, they will want to become the thing.
All of this means, that the society led by emotions will loose the men's aspect. Therefore the sole nature of the mankind will reverse, the logic will disappear, and emotions will lead everything.

Emotions above logic

This leads us here. Emotions are above logic. Logical thinking (here I mean using knowledge for achieving goals) is already almost taboo in some topics. And it's so easy, simply ask "Why?", before you start acting. Immigration is the best example.
A huge way of immigrants is coming to us.
Why? Because there is war in their country. (not really, just in Syria, and it's almost over, but that's different topic) Why? Because some guys declared that their state isn't totalitarian enough. Why? Because noone there is capable of fighting them, because the men there are cowards, escaped and let the women to fight for their country. (We can speculate about the reason here)
Why? Well, because their society is somehow reverse to ours, and the women can die first. So Why should we even care? Because there are thoughts that these idiots running around and shooting in the air are dangerous also to someone else than themselves. Therefore we should deal with them. Turn off satellites giving them signal and internet, march in with a fuckin army, stop killing their opposition, and butcher them to the last man, publicly for the best effect (using their own medicine). A bombardments and supplying the opposition will be too slow, but we can try it too.

But the reality isn't logical, it's emotional...
Immigration. OMG there are people dying we have to help them immediately, open borders, let them in our country, don't check if they really need help, don't argue with us you fuckin racist, you don't value human life!! There are terrorists? Well, we can't openly fight against this religion, can we? It could harm someone's feelings. Let's just wait and maybe they'll disappear.
Or we can support the local oppositio... Oh, wait! The local leader is fascist! Shame on you! Let's think out something to bomb him, instead of the real threat. That will surely help our cause! The terrorists are publicly executing people, enslaving and raping women, but we won't do anything about that, let's pretend it doesn't exist. (I don't really have explanation for this) If someone finds out, let's say we denounce it.
That's only one example.

We can already see how emotion driven idiots stick into things they don't understand at all. Specifically their voices and cries. And the society not just tolerates it, the society glorifies these people. We are living in a society, where screaming and crying autistic girl has more powerful voice than the experts. (Greetings, Greta btw.)

Imagine being a scientist working on the cure for cancer, you are halfway done when some emotion driven little girl rushes into your office and throws all your notes to the trash bin(deleting your harddisks etc.). Proclaiming that she doesn't like the way you work(or someone told her), or you work too slow. And you will be forced to accept it by the society, believe you will. Would you start from the scratch again? Or will you give up?

Emotions shall only function as the trigger, not the solution.

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