It's bad for nothing that we feel so bad around people who

in #emotions3 years ago

It's bad for nothing that we feel so bad around people who are miserable people of beggars or people who are gross and debauched. All this is affected in a destructive way by the influence of the environment on a person. The blue follow-up of the philosophers of psychologists and sociologists is, in fact, a product of the DOU. The environment in which he is and it's ridiculous to deny it and so sometimes it's worth paying close attention to us on those people with whom we interact perhaps that the number of people who grab us by the feet and return back to the bucket has already exceeded all imaginable possibilities has already exceeded everything that you can imagine really a man decides for example to lose weight and here begins to manifest himself by his friend or his relatives for example Mom before the daughter who sat on a hard weight has long exceeded all the conceivable value Suddenly this mom puts the gear already a frying pan fried potatoes on salt and kritah eats She also needs to have a daughter here are tempted by the aromas of food and slaves

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