One's best life state

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A person

Best living condition

What is it like?

Do these 5 points

Is the best way of life

1,Something to do

People always have to do something, just right, not flustered, and full of heart. Too busy, easy to work; too busy, easy to fantasize.

Don't waste a lot of time. Anything, once you miss it, you will never come back.

It’s better to work hard, concentrate on what you like, and spend your own money, live your life, be confident, and be happy. When you are alive, you must learn to love yourself.

There is such a passage: "The true love of yourself is not to sacrifice all time and energy to fight hard, but to work hard to do what you like and interesting things, to make your heart full of joy, so that every day is Spend your favorite way."

If you have something to do and have something you like, it will be fine.


2,Someone understands

Sometimes, not afraid of hard work, I am afraid that no one understands the sweat behind me; I am not afraid of loneliness, I am afraid that no one will complain when I am sad.

Because some people understand that sadness can be confided, pain can be relieved; because some people understand that when someone is alone, when someone is alone, when someone is helpless, someone can rely on it.

When people always experience sadness, the most sad thing is that they don’t help.

In fact, we don't want much, but we can talk to the ninth, the confidant two or three, and the lover is the only one.

After the storm, a warm comfort, a know, is enough to melt the iceberg in my heart.



Try not to let anyone, anything, disrupt the rhythm of your life. Life is your own and others are not responsible for you.

Someone earned the first pot of gold at the age of 18, and some 60 years old was late. Someone entered the marriage hall at the age of 23 and lived happily. Someone turned around 45 years ago to meet the right person...

Everyone has a different rhythm and does not have to follow others' steps to arrange their own lives. If someone says that you must marry at the age of 25, you can tell him: in this world, there is no age to marry, only those who can marry.

There is no unchanging, well-arranged life track.

Be kind to yourself when you are alone; be kind to each other when you are two. You have to believe that everything is the best arrangement.


4,Have love

There is a saying that is very poke: "The person who can make you answer the phone at any time is the one you really care about." In fact, you don't need to be able to answer the phone at any time. When you are busy, you can feel free to go and vacate the other party. This is The best care.

It’s great to have someone love and love the right person.

Whether it is family, friendship or love, I hope someone can be at your heart and worth it. I also hope that you are at the heart of others, really sincere.

The meaning of feelings is companionship, and all the contributions are mutual. The best love is always: don't be afraid, there is me.



Don't blame everyone, don't blame yourself, your mentality is good, life will not be so tired.

There are small goals in life, people who can chat, hard work, a little money, occasionally doing unrealistic dreams, and occasionally wasting a little time, very good.

Don't be disappointed with human nature because of an emotional failure. Don't deny your ability because of a setback. Don't be passive and slow because you don't have a hard time.

Life is hopeful and strong enough. Life is, while working hard, looking forward to it, plain and true.


This is a person

The best way of life

Something, love, and some people understand

Have your own pace of life

Also always look forward to the future

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