Walking behind you is love

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Sometimes love does not need to be expressed in words, even small things can reveal people's desire for love.
When the boy and Jing were in love, they always walked behind her. She didn't understand why, and asked him, "Do you not like walking with me?" He smiled honestly and said, "How can it be? I'm too happy to be too late." But she always felt a sense of loneliness. Lack of security.
   But she always gets his prompt reminder: "There is a pit ahead." "The car is coming." When the car sprinted past, he pulled Jing aside.
  Jing once mentioned him to friends. Friends told her: "Marry the person walking on your left, it's true, because he gave you safety. But what does it mean to walk behind you?" They all didn't know what to do, inexplicably.
   Despite this, she and him still embarked on the red carpet of marriage.
   After getting married, Jing suddenly found out that he was a weak man, timid, always walking behind her. She asked him: "What do you mean?"
   He said carefully: "You go, I will just follow." But Jing felt that he didn't care about her at all, lacking the backbone of a man. So she began to quarrel with him. As a result of the quarrel, she filed for divorce.
  Jing moved out to rent a house. He called from time to time to ask her if she had any difficulties. She looked down on him with a soft look.
   One day, Jing became ill and was bedridden. She suddenly felt helpless. When someone knocked on the door, she stood up and opened the door. It was him with a packet of Chinese medicine in her hand. He said, "I heard that you are ill. I took a dose of medicine to treat the illness and strengthen my body." Jing was very strange, so she asked him, "We are all gone, how do you know that I am sick?" He replied plainly: "Because I like to follow you from behind!"
   Behind?... Her heart moved, and the medicinal soup spilled all over the floor.
   Once, she walked with her mother, and her mother walked around behind her. Feeling strange, she asked her mother: "Mom, is there any benefit in walking behind others?" The mother smiled and said, "In this way, I can put your whole person in my eyes."
   At this time, Jing suddenly thought of him, her heart was hot, and her tears couldn't help but flow.
  In life, not everyone loves to walk behind you. The person walking behind you is the one who puts you in the eyes.