Why is the singing voice getting smaller and smaller?

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I remember when I was little, when I came home from school, I was tired and hungry. I really wanted to drink a bowl of cold water and eat a hot bun. But the fact is that there is no ice water or meat bag at home. There is only a bowl of porridge with little rice and some pickles. This is a childhood dinner. But now the living standard is getting higher and higher. Besides eating well and wearing warm, the spiritual life is just as much. This is not, I signed up for a singing class to cultivate music sentiment and enrich my spare time life.

Long black hair with a little white hair, a large round brown sunglasses on the high bridge of the nose, pigment red lipstick delicate outline in Yang Guifei's lips, usually a set of black windbreaker, wind and rain, this is the famous music teacher Jun MI. Because I am an expert who sniffs thousands of miles, there is a natural way to find Mr. junmi. This is not, in order to find teachers, this way makes me tired and hungry. Of course, now I have ice cream and hamburger! Well, curious friends, please come with me into my world.

At any time when the October National Day comes, Mr. junmi will organize a national day singing activity, and I am lucky to be one of them. After work every day, we will go directly to the teacher's home to compete for time and speed up singing practice. Oh! The teacher's home is really big. It's worthy of being a famous singer. I'll have such a home someday. When I was daydreaming, the singing stopped suddenly. At this time, the teacher roared and the yard shook three times. It was calling my name. I woke up from my daydream and answered the teacher, "yes!" I told myself, can't continue the human in the soul is not in, otherwise the teacher wants the dolphin sound again. I immediately got on the right track and integrated into everyone's singing.

Day after day, we are greeting the coming of national day. Today, we practice singing, and the teacher changes places, because the God brings us fresh spring - rain drift. All of us who used to practice singing in the open yard entered the room. Wow, the teacher's house is really clean. The ground with pure wood fragrance reflects like a big wooden mirror with the light. Everyone consciously took off their shoes and stepped into the clean and bright singing room, reported 1, 2, 3... All together, under the guidance of the teacher, we all let go of the dolphin sound, singing the magnificent songs, the songs spread to the sky with the rain and wind, as the aftersound of ancient times.

When we were singing happily, for some reason, the members of the chorus sang in a smaller voice than each other. At last, they sang directly and coughed, some covered their noses with their hands, some moved left and right in front of their noses, some covered their mouths and coughed, and even more strangely, the students around me were all one meter away from me. At this time, I felt a little strange. I I see that everyone is looking at my feet. Oh, it's my feet that make everyone gasp. Where else can I sing? At this time, my face was red, my eyes were dazed, I was helpless, and I couldn't help myself. I really wanted to find a hole to go in and hide. Where did I stand still, as if waiting for the final trial? I scolded myself in my heart. Why did I have feet? It was annoying, annoying and embarrassing. At this time, the teacher suddenly announced that today's practice singing is here, and everyone gradually went home. When we were all gone, I immediately ran to the door and put on my shoes. The teacher stopped me. I turned to look at her shamefully. She didn't dislike me at all. Instead, she said gently with a smile, "it doesn't matter. It's not your fault that you have this disease. I believe you will get better." When I heard the teacher's words coming into my heart, it was like a good medicine, which cured half of my illness. To cure the other half, I had to rely on myself. I was so excited that I bowed to the teacher and ran quickly to the rain.

No, in order to cure my damned beriberi and stop such embarrassment happening again, my friends around me have used a product with very good effect in my life. I use it on time and in sufficient quantity according to the instructions every day. After a period of time, you don't have to say that the effect is really great. After using this product, it has never recurred again. What's more, I'm glad that I've been blessed with misfortune. I'm also the agent of this product. Life is always ups and downs, ups and downs, if you don't want to let the singing voice become smaller and smaller, I'm willing to accompany you to a confident life!

--Xijun - with you through every wonderful day.

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