Mixed Emotions Complex

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Today we are faced with a trauma that has been created by human hand and threatened our physical and psychological integrity. Then we can name it.

We doubt each other for days, we lose our reaction to surprise with the news we hear every day, and we try to continue living in disaster scenarios.

As a matter of fact, this situation, which we were exposed to, forcing us to experience a tight, narrow, narrow time, because it completely affected our dreams of the past 1 week and the plans we made for the next week. In tight spaces, we are upset, upset, bored, rebelling, questioning, talking, blaming, giving up, making new plans, turning inside, hugging our loved ones and expecting a good development with childish anxiety.

Every day I draw my attention to something while doing all these actions in order in a similar loop; I think most of us have been trying not to postpone it since. This is the only positive action that we have ever been.

For example, I started to do things I planned to do at home for a long time, I called people to call, I told my parents how much I loved them, I hugged my wife more every evening, sweetheart what I wanted to cook at any moment, I ate the food by feeling the taste every time, I went to my hair I cut the fleeting moment, I sat in the moment I sat, I accepted what I feel at that moment, cried the day, I laughed, I said no swindle, I even let some people out of my life.

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