Emotional Recommendations

in emotion •  10 months ago 

You are aware of the man you choose and do not let your loss of your ability to really see her with all her nakedness. First, feed your own heart with your own love, love yourself, make yourself feel that you are valuable.


Listen to your emotional needs. For example, if you need to be protected, cared, cared for your life, macho, jealous, restricting you, instead of attracting a man who interferes with everything, instead of what is the main reason that creates this deficiency.


This is the most important investment you will make to your life and your love life in the long run. Once you have solved your feelings, what you feel for yourself, the law of gravity of the universe will begin to work in a positive way for you.

Once the woman begins to discover herself and she refuses to do anything less than she deserves, power is in her hands. For a true love already, you need to be able to survive it.

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