Emoji Trivia #2 💹

in dailyemoji •  last year

Once I lost some coins in the sea. That would have helped:

Today’s Emoji

This emoji has the rather specific name “Chart Increasing With Yen”. It shows the symbol for the Japanese yen (¥), the country’s official currency, next to an increasing chart. Did you know that a 1-yen coin can float on water? It’s made of aluminum and therefore weighs only one gram. I hope that the chart for your preferred currency looks like this one, even though there is no emoji for an increasing Bitcoin, Steem or Dollar (yet).

#1 Juggling    #2 Chart Increasing With Yen    #3 Moyai    #4Volcano    #5Old Key    #6Fountain Pen    #7 Selfie    #8Milky Way    #9Telescope


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