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The introduction of blockchain technology has led to extraordinary transformations in various sectors of the global economy. Using the innovative capabilities of blockchain technology, which includes transparency, trust, reliability, decentralization and efficiency, many projects have been linked to this technology.

The problem, however, is that a large portion of the world's population has not yet adopted this technology and the use of cryptocurrency in their daily expenses. this led to a return to the main goal of introducing the use of cryptocurrency, which allowed decentralized, reliable and transparent financial transactions around the world without restrictions. But all thanks to the EMIREX team, who discovered this loop hole and created a platform where users can buy and sell assets digital efficiently and effectively without limits.

About the project


EMIREX is an innovative platform that includes stock exchange and markets where users can exchange any value storage for digital assets and can store these digital assets with a high level of security and reliability.
Emirex was founded in 2014. At a time when fewer people were familiar with Blockchain, both with technology and with Bitcoin itself.


EMIREX has a unique mission to create a platform at a cost, which will ensure global adoption and general acceptance of cryptocurrency. Thanks to a sophisticated yet user-friendly interface, EMIREX will create infrastructure for the local market to receive and enjoy daily use of cryptocurrency. With the intention of connecting the Middle East with Africa, Asia, Europe and other parts of the world, EMIREX unites the world with blockchain technology.

Trading Function:

At the EMIREX exchange, traders can enjoy unique trading experiences that they have never seen elsewhere. To achieve this and make trading easy for professionals and beginners, the EMIREX team introduces various trading tools, such as copying and social trading, margin trading, and unique trading chats for large traders and professionals.

About tokens

Emirex Token (EMRX) supports the New Digital Economy Infrastructure which is proudly presented to you by the Emirex Group. EMRX, the original token from Emirex Ecosystem, has many uses: registration fees for placement of protected assets, transaction costs from sale / purchase transactions, storage and service fees, joint commissions and incentive programs, and others as the offer develops.

Main advantages of Emirex Token

  1. Elimination of intermediaries, to completely remove intermediaries from the digital economy market, Emirex plans to identify assets and provide an easy way to reach end users. Asset tokens will remove these barriers to market entry and make them more accessible. This will increase investment in both large funds and ordinary users in the region in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and European markets.

  2. Modern methods for implementing security in the stock market. For this purpose, continued development will be used in block chain technology and security changes for each user.

  3. Comfortable interface in the stock market. Currently, there are only English interface languages ​​on the stock exchange, but progress is underway to translate the site into Arabic.

  4. User withdrawals are transferred to bank cards. An important advantage of the exchange is the fact that users withdraw funds to the debit card in the form of prices. The cards that will be accepted to withdraw money on Fiat are paypal, visa, mastercard.

  5. Instant order processing on the stock market. Emirex is not only interested in security on its platform, but also works on speed. On the exchange, order processing will take place at 1 million per second.


13% - Personal sales

10% - Reserve

7% - long term partner

15% - Team

55% - Future sales

Income distribution:

30% - IT and product development

30% - Sales and marketing

20% - ecosystem development

10% - Other transactions

10% - Stable backup

Emirex Investor and Sponsor


Use of Emirex Funds

All assets collected as part of the EMRX Token Bidding Campaign may only be used for the development of the Emirex Group. Funds will be used at the following rates:

30% - Development of IT Products and Advanced Infrastructure

30% - while promoting Emirex products and services worldwide, the aim is to become a leader in the Middle East.

20% - Invest in strategic initiatives that can strengthen the Emirex ecosystem.

10% - legal, regulatory and other operational costs.

10% - Protection in the form of various safety assets, both paper and digital, to deal with any emergencies that may arise.


What makes Emirex Exchange better than other digital asset trading platforms that we know of? The stock market engine is not only extraordinary, but also has many features designed to make a lasting impact in the crypto currency and digital asset trading industry. Some of them are:

Drawing Toolbar

You want to make sure your transaction goes in the right direction. This is the idea behind the Emirex Stock Exchange Drawing Toolbar. However, traders may have opinions about many technical indicators that will improve their technical analysis and purchases.

Transaction Volume

The problem of limited transaction volume has become one of the biggest challenges facing the cryptocracy industry. This also contributed to the depletion of traders who were dissatisfied with delays before the completion of their transactions. Emirex Exchange understands the basic principles of crypto / digital assets to ensure fast transaction settlement. This explains why the order book is designed to do 1 million transactions per second. This also means that an average throughput of 60 million transactions can be achieved in one minute.


The EMIREX team has designed a wallet that allows users to store and maintain their assets in a safe and very secure way using a mobile device. With EMIREX wallet, users can send and receive money anytime. User privacy is also protected using this wallet. It will be easy for each user to process and track such transactions with features in the Cellular wallet. Emirex Wallet is designed to support all currencies listed on the Emirex Exchange.




Conclusions and Opinions, Recommendations

Please note that you need a reference code to subscribe to the Emirex exchange. You can start trading on the emirex exchange at . About Emirex Token, I would say that commission fees (FEE) are the same or even less than other exchanges. I would say that EMRX tokens are actively traded on tokens and are trading at $ 0.40 after the initial sale of $ 0.23. This means that it is very logical to invest in EMRX coins. The Emirex company consists of a team that professionalises the exchange movement which began in 2017 in 2019 and rose to the top. The company, which guides its investors with its origins in the Middle East, has proven itself. Please visit the following official website for information about the $ 200,000 award-winning prize reference system.

If you have questions about Emirex, please ask. have fun and thank you ...


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