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We have regret to inform you that the Smart Media Group discord server has faced a server wipe due to carelessness.

At this time, almost all the members and channels were wiped from the server. There are no other plans for the Discord server at this time but to be rebuilt.

If you would like to help us rebuild our Discord server, you are welcome to contact @bitcoinaradise or @heaterville on Steemit or on Discord.



We will rebuild and become better.

This is so so crazy...

we will re-emerge as the avefenix. This is not going to defeat us, it will make us stronger and we will see the real friends. Top Smart Media Group.
You will return as the bird venix. Good vibes.

I have returned, stronger than ever.

Let's rebuild, become better and stronger.....

Oh damn. I thought you made a new server for something. Coming there i see only two channels. Got really concerned. Hopefully the rebuild will be quick and painless.

what's wrong, I'm also surprised all of a sudden it all disappears.

What's wrong, I'm also
Surprised all of a sudden
It all disappears.

                 - zahwaawa

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

This is bullshit

We are gonna flow in better vibes, the return of smg

There were hard days, for all the administrators and community, not is better, I think that even this platform could take advance for growing up

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