Emercoin managing partner spoke at “Consensus & Token Economics”

in #emercoin5 years ago

On July 18, 2018, Emercoin team visited “Consensus & Token Economics” meetup organized by Applicature. MP Kostyantyn Bigus represented the company and its technologies. Business analysts, IT consultants, entrepreneurs, startup founders and blockchain enthusiasts introduced the concepts of consensus and blockchain economics.

Kostyantyn Bigus presented the insights on the working concept of Emercoin Group, revealed the Emercoin ecosystem of SDKs and presented immense Emercoin technologies use cases and the abilities for their integration and application in various enterprise applications.

Blockchain-based solutions can benefit companies, operating in different industries. However, only a good understanding of business needs and specifications of blockchain can bring fruitful results. And speakers at the meetup tried to answer all those questions.

Video from the presentation will be available by the end of this week.


Dont know why various blockchain love worthless speak so much

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