Emerald Crypto (EMD) starts a competition

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Emerald Crypto (EMD) is looking for a t-shirt design for its 5th birthday, so we call for a competition.

post or send us your design proposal
[email protected]

Text should be

Emerald Crypto (EMD) - 2013-2018


Emerald Crypto (EMD) - the green pennystock of the cryptocurrencies


use the EMD logo from the EMD website too

what you can win

500 EMD on your wallet
and a free t-shirt with the winning design
free shipped worldwide to you

start of the competition 22.05.2018
stop of the competition 31.05.2018

5th Birthday of EMD

For the 5th birthday of EMD we will offer t-shirts with the competition winning design for buying.

The perfect gift for EMD supporters and holders

URL: www.emeraldcrypto.de
eMail: [email protected]
twitter: https://twitter.com/_emerald_EMD_
facebook: https://fb.com/EmeraldCryptoCoin
instagram https://www.instagram.com/emerald_crypto
Slack: https://emeraldcrypto.slack.com
Telegram: https://t.me/EmeraldCryptoCoin
Discord: https://discord.gg/4W2fkuf

EMD Services
WebWallet: https://webwallet.emeraldcrypto.de
Snapshot: https://snapshot.emeraldcrypto.de
FullNode: https://fullnode.emeraldcrypto.de

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