One Year Anniversary and a New Year for EME

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Today makes it a year since EmpowermeEOS came into existence on the 21st January, 2019. Truly, a lot has changed since the program started with a blog post which got a lot of attention from members of the EOS community. As we all know, EOS is no longer what it was, having evolved over time. Consequently, EmpowermeEOS has equally changed for the better and our vision is even much clearer.

EmpowermeEOS was created with the aim of helping young people by providing them with technology, education and mentorship towards attaining economic freedom and community development. Over time, we have learnt a lot by testing our ideas in real life. We have learned that blockchain knowledge alone will not suffice in our battle against poverty. As such, going forward, we will be focusing on equipping our students with general digital skills. Coincidentally, blockchain ranks as the most sought after skill in 2020, according to Linkedin.

EmpowermeEOS is the flagship project of the EME Foundation. In light of the fact that not much has been said about EME foundation in the past, we would share a little about it in this post.

EME Foundation

EME Network 20200103_111031.jpg

EME Foundation is a non-profit organization, registered in Nigeria, with a mission to equip youths with education, mentorship and tools to make them thrive in the fourth industrial revolution. Besides EmpowermeEOS, EME Foundation has other projects which would be revealed and as time goes by. We understand that when people say EME, they could either be referring to the EME foundation or EmpowermeEOS. This is perfectly fine!

2019 in a Glance

As we celebrate the turn of the year, as well as our one year anniversary, we would take a cursory look at the past year.


Through the EmpowermeEOS program and thanks to generous donations from our sponsors, we were able to provide smartphones and pay for internet subscription for our students. Propelled by our belief that no one should be left behind in this blockchain socio-economic revolution, we started reaching out to a local community in Ibadan and teaching them about blockchain technology.


an image from our first offline meet-up

We held our first offline meet-up with some of the new students to teach them the basics of EOS. Our first set of students came on board on the 29th of January. Deborah, Deborah, Mercy Alli and Victoria were recommended by our partner at Jumpstart Academy. Many more students joined them. We tested our idea. We achieved relative success. For these students, we broke the digital divide. However, we are not done yet!


EME facilitator, Toju Kaka, speaking to
over 1,000 secondary school students in the city of Ibadan .

Over time, have partnered with organizations who share our vision. While JumpStart Academy was helpful in identifying many of our first set of students, our partnership with Sozo Networks allowed us to provide blockchain education to 1,000 secondary school students in the city of Ibadan at their annual conference tagged “Upgrade!” Leadership and Career Development in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Also, our partnership with Prospectors game provided our students with free in-game assets and early access to the prospector's world. Through playing the game, students earned considerable amounts of money and learnt important skills in teamwork such as team roles, communication, division of labour, as well as responsibility.

We equally partnered with Cryptotvplus during the CampusBCAT tour. We helped spread cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology awareness in four Nigerian Universities. At Obafemi Awolowo University, we gave out a laptop to support one of our students.

Among our other efforts in empowering youths was the YID Stepdown and Blockchain for Social Good Symposium organised by Sozo Networks, sponsored by the US Embassy, Abuja, which was hosted by EmpowermeEOS. At the symposium,10 emerging social entrepreneurs were engaged in a training designed to equip them with skills in advocacy, strategic planning & thinking, fundraising and networking. They were also introduced to the basics of blockchain technology.


We remain eternally grateful to our sponsors and partners and all who have supported the program as much would have been impossible without them.

Truly, 2019 was a great year in which we made considerable progress and achieved a lot. This new year would, however, be much better as things can only get better. We, at EME, therefore, reiterate our continual commitment towards helping propagate empowerment through cryptocurrency education and mentorship not just in Africa but all over the world, through EmpowermeEOS and our other programs.

Happy New Year to all
Happy first anniversary to EmpowermeEOS and EME!


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