Looking beyond the Steem payouts... Why one view is EVERYTHING | Gary Vaynerchuk

Here is a five minute podcast by serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk I’d invite every content creator on Steemit to listen to,


Here are some excerpts:

It’s better to get one view than zero, because you’re waiting for that big break. Big breaks don’t exist…. Nothing happens overnight.

Why aren’t you willing to get 100 views? Why are you so fancy? Until you’re Oprah or The Rock or Tony Robbins, you can’t be romantic.

I promise you every view counts… you may look at a video and only see 246 views and write it off. But one of those 200 viewers might be a Producer at CNN or the CFO of a big company you’re trying to reach. And 10 years later that content creator could become a massive celebrity and all of a sudden your podcast interview could have a million views.

My personal aside

I think Gary’s words are really pertinent to Steemit content creators. Most of us are at the stage where our posts on Steemit are receiving sub-1000 views. Yet paradoxically the Steem token is worth almost $300m. Are we fortunate early adopters of groundbreaking technology? Or is Steem an over-hyped fad? Only time will tell...

Regardless of where Steem is in 5 or 10 years time, you can never under-estimate the potential of the people who are consuming your content right now. Who know where your readers today will be in the next decade? Your one view today, could be the quality attention of an influencer of tomorrow?

I feel privileged to have interacted with and met some really smart and forward-thinking people on this platform. And while the numbers may be small, I’m grateful for every view I get and for any time I can spare to read and look at their content too.

Whether by design or serendipity… who knows where these connections could lead...

Food for thought Steemians...

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You the Man @nanzo-scoop! Very Grateful.

I've followed Gary for like 8 years when he was doing so much content with hardly no views at all. He kept on grindin and didn't stop. Now he is a Social Media Beast.

You are right about steemit, only time can tell but the future is sooooo promising. I can see the future of social media becoming like steemit using their coins on a the blockchain. Interesting times ahead!

As you can tell, I'm a closet fan of GaryVee haha

@nanzo-scoop This post gave me chills!!! How you do one thing is how you do everything!! If we cannot be patient and enjoy the journey of success along the way, then why bother at all?

I love this post! It takes believing in something whether you don't get any view or your views fluctuate. It takes being determined and dedicated regardless of what the outcome is.

It takes being driven and willing to stand through the hardships even if only one person views it.

I believe that if we do it for the right reasons, then it really doesn't matter if anyone sees it. We know that the time will come when it is time. <3

Well said and thanks! I'm glad you've found this platform.

Real talk.. thanks for being a loyal supporter of mine and a kickass steemian as well.. gonna check it out. Great post. Resteemed

You deserve it. You grind on here and do your thing.

A positive post :D i remember when there wasn't a view counter!

"One is better than Zero"; That is an absolute good statement. In the beginning of the speech also the statement "better to start then to wait", "start somewhere". I cannot agree more! With anything! New business ideas, projects etc requires a plan of approach, but more importantly is to start and getting experience and build up and look around for the opportunities, be ready to steer the ship when needed; be persistent; be persistent; be persistent :) I have several projects at hand I started with some others a year or so ago, I wanted all to evolve quicker, but one cannot force it. But, on all those projects I see progress and we getting more experience and our minds getting clearer in what we want and not, and our brands are getting more known in the circles we are hunting for clients. Time is something that is a dimension that can be difficult to play with in any brand building, it takes time. Great share!

Love this post @nanzo-scoop thank you for sharing!

"Regardless of where Steem is in 5 or 10 years time, you can never under-estimate the potential of the people who are consuming your content right now. "


Steemit can't be a fad, fads are popular 😂 I feel we may be at the very start of something that is spreading very organically, and has spread world wide in such small pockets, it only needs a shift in the wind to blow it up big time, and the penny posters of today will become the dolphins of tomorrow.Great post, we have to be grateful for all we get.

Quality over quantity is critical.

I design and make specialty jewelry pieces. You could loosely call my work costuming. The better quality materials I use, the better the look and overall feel of the piece.

No difference in any aspect of life!

Love Gary Vaynerchuck and what you had to say too. Never underestimate the power of one! Resteemed. :)

I agree. It's about quality of followers, not quantity. Anyone can get thousands here by following every single newbie, but very few will ever see their posts. I can get quality comments from a load of people on every post. That has value to me.

Oh, and I started off here a year ago making cents a week. It takes time to build something.

This is an awesome post. I can relate well with this write-up because my post has been earning me connections outside steemit.

My thoughts, exactly. Who knows what will happen with Steemit, but regardless, having the opportunity to connect with intelligent, like-minded individuals in the meantime is time well spent.

I hope more folks here on Steemit begin focusing on quality over quantity. That is the essence of any relationship, provide value. If the value is there, the views will come and the popularity contest mentality will subside. More importantly though, you may create an impression with the right individual that could lead to something truly special.

I know I am loving it here for the community, in many ways I was just not getting a feel for face book or other media and the mind numbing here look at my selfies to the point I login in till I can get real people over here to start chiming in with real content that expands the grey cells (use it or lose it) and explore where we can take this platform. Making connections to real people. Thank You for sharing your thoughts on this!

Wow, that's actually really powerful. I hadn't fully gotten this angle yet. I even posted something about how it's the connections that matter and I still didn't see the full potential.

The value is in the serendipitous connections I'm enabling.
We can all just be ourselves, put our personality into the world and see where it bounces.

I like it.
Thanks a lot for your insight.

That's probably what I love most about this platform. I feel honored to have met so many bright and funny people already! I agree... only time will tell if Steemit ends up being a big success, or it all goes away. Regardless, the cool and amazing connections are worth more than money. :)

Whether by design or serendipity… who knows where these connections could lead...

Great perspective and priceless video from GaryVee.

They say your network is your net worth, and I don't believe we have begun to tap the tip of the iceberg of our networks net worth on Steemit.

Never underestimate the power of the Universe! I fully agree with Gary's words, even 1 view matters, you never know! Great page you have, upvoted you and followed, cheers, mate!

So many great people with great ideas on Steemit. Excited to see the future.

Ever view counts as does every MOMENT!

Life is a blessing, an opportunity even when its hard. TAKE IT!

Being thankful for everything in life is the best , you will receive much more @nanzo-scoop. Keep being dedicated and you will meet much more great people here

Thanks for this post, i can try to sleep now i think.
You are really great.

its really motivating , even I just started with Steemit and I was so disappointed because I just got 6 votes on my posts .

'New Internet' - Blockstack A Decentralized Internet Patform

interesting points my friend, they are so much greatness to come from steemit , happy to be here early, really nice post

Thanks for your post! Good food for thought.

Very cool. There's also the idea that being of Service is the highest occupation, and if what we contribute to the datasphere makes a positive impact on even a single life, it was a valuable use of time and energy.

I always pay more attention to view than votes. The votes are nice, but I want people to see what I'm writing, that's the ultimate point.

I reciently wrote an article on a minnow vote slider that I think would be very helpful for a lot of Steemians, but it has only 12 views so far:

[Instructions] CHROME Vote Percentage Slider for Minnows

I hope to get this information out to enhance the Minnows Steemit experience. @ironshield

Great info, thanx.

Absolutely awesome post, I know it's just three words. But, when you've got nothing better to say then.......

Good positive post. We are building relationships and that takes time. Day by day and post by post it will happen.

Thanks for you great post! Love it!

We don't know what may happen in the future so we need to just keep working until we reach it

Yap you are right

Learnt something new thanks @nanzo-scoop