Why Putting $100 in Embermine Today Will Set You Up For Life

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I know my heading might sound like a shill, but I wouldn't be be pumping a coin by saying you only need $100 of it. So now that's out of the way, let me tell you about one of the most amazing sleeper coins you will ever come across!

Embermine is a creative content collaboration and distribution platform designed to help both creators and distributors.

Let's say you bought $100 of Embers (MBRS on Cryptopia), which is currently around $0.07. For $100, you will get roughly around 1500 Embers. When someone releases something on the platform, you will get a copy of it to distribute according to how many Embers you own.

So let's say a musician released an album at 1:1 ratio to all embers holders. By owning 1500 embers, you now have 1500 copies to sell at a profit. If you sell that album for $10 each, you will come away with $15,000! Amazing, right? Now imagine how much profit you would make each week if you multiply that $15,000 by the number of items being released on the platform each day...


Mind-blowing right? It's a coin that you are going to be able to make money from without ever having to sell any of your stash!

Ok, so we've established that it's very attractive to become a distributor on Embermine, but what do creators get out of it?

Well it's equally as attractive to become a creator on the Embermine platform.

Whether you are a musician, game developer, writer, serial tutorial maker, I'm sure you've come across the difficulty of getting the word out about your latest creation.

You've just made the best video game, but it's getting lost in the app store.
Or you've written a stellar novel, but you have to give it away just to ensure someone reads it.


With Embermine, you already have a network of distributors lined up, all ready to sell your work for you. You can set it up so that every member of the platform will receive copies of your work to sell, which means that you can concentrate on doing what you do best and move on to your next awesome project, all while receiving income from your willing distributors.

How will I get paid if I'm giving away my work, you ask?

Well, there are several ways this happens:

1)If a new member joins up, and they missed out on the initial distribution of your products, then they will have to buy your items directly from you.
2)You can also release premium versions of your products that need to be purchased separately directly from you (e.g. audio for your books, extra songs, in-game purchases, etc.)
3)You can also make your product extra exclusive by altering the drop ratio, so that instead of 1 copy for each Ember, they will need 100 Embers to get it, this means that there will be less of them in the market, and more people will need to purchase them directly from you.
4)And last but not least, you set the transaction fee that is paid when your item is sold, which comes directly back to you. The more products sold, the more you get back in fees, so being generous with the distribution ratio could be very beneficial.

Embermine has created an excellent and fair system that rewards both the creators and distributors for their hard work.

And for a very small investment right now, you can set yourself up to become a future distributor of the platform with plenty of inventory to sell once it's up and running.
If you want to find out more about this awesome project, visit the website at:
or join us in the Telegram chat where everyone spends most of our time:


Just when I tell myself I've invested enough into cryptocurrency, this comes along! lol....

I can honestly say that I love the embermine community. Come say hi on Telegram ^ ^

I like it, but just so I understand... If I hold a few thousand MBRS and say six books get released to holders at a 1:1 ratio, I now have to figure out how to sell 18,000 books?

There will be a marketplace created for it. But please join us on the Telegram to ask the team more questions directly :D I'm just a fan lol!

Good post, I am a photographer, it passes for my blog and sees my content, I hope that it should be of your taste, you have my vote :D greetings

So you buy the coin...then when someone distributes something it automatically flows to you? Is this a tangible object? How do we sell it? Help me understand please. Where does this go down as well? Do you sell on cryptopia? So many questions

Come join us on Telegram to get your questions answered. The Devs and founders are on daily and you can ask them questions directly which is awesome :D

I am excited. Projects like Steemit and Embermine are the future. Power back in the hands of the people.

Interesting and promising!

Thank you :D

Community members like you @coincravings are what keep us going at Embermine. Its clear you believe in the idea and necessity to disrupt current systems in the creative realm as much as we do. And you did a wonderful job portraying Embermine and our mission. Thanks and I can't wait to see where together we can go! Cheers

Thank you for posting this lovely moment in time for you. Love it. Followed...