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Genesis Mining

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i know you re looking into VPS right now. share the love HA HA

Bro, I am on my way! Thanks for the great advice!

I really feel like that is what its all about at the moment.

Great post , thanks so much
STAKING & masternodes is a great deal

It really can be, just another way of diversifying your portfolio and daily income.

What about a shout out for active passive income from mining contracts? (NOT Hashflare)

For those new to crypto, Genesis Mining HAD some pretty good deals on BTC "lifetime" mining which recently sold out, but they'll have new contracts soon. I think it's a good option for people to diversity.

Not sure if they'll still offer lifetime deals anymore or the same value on price as they had, but I enjoy that type of passive income (understanding that I have to make my initial expense back), but I'm well on track in only a short amount of time. As a bonus, the difficulty has been getting easier every day with pressure off the system for Bitcoin Cash.

And here's my promo co.... kidding.... Nice video.

To me the only way to profit from Genesis Mining is to have people use your codes. The least amount of money you put in with alot of people using your codes equal profit. You will not get the money you put in originally back though.

great to see you video once again good info !!


Deep onion is having a 40 week airdrop for those of you that have a bitcoin talk account. It's fully anonymous and designed to run thru the tor network. The Dev team and marketing strategy are on another level with a full team of friendly moderators ready to answer any questions at a moments notice. With it's unique distribution It's a great long term hold with zero financial risk. If you don't have a bitcoin talk account you can put that miner to work or pick some up at novaexchange and stake them for interest. To apply you just need your Bitcoin talk ID number and a Deep onion wallet.


ill check it out, do you have the staking rewards, minimum amount you need to stake, etc.. more info would be nice.