What to take from embarrassment

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Something that sticks with me was what one said quite a number of years ago, about 4 or 5 actually (thought it was longer initially).

I’ve always had an issue with ‘embarrassing’ moments and the general sensation of being embarrassed. I’m sure most can relate too in some way or another. I remember I was at an event 4 or 5 years ago with quite a number of people, and something happened in relation to the chair I Was about to sit on or was sitting on lol, I can’t remember exactly, it could have fallen underneath me or it broke or something, I think actually it broke, one of the chair leg’s, and it made a hell of a noise.

A hell of a noise, coupled with a visual cue of me falling lol. I got everyone’s attention at that moment. I immediately went into embarrassment and it was evident on me/within me. I just wanted time to move fast so that it could be ‘forgotten’ lol, or at least the attention moved from me so I could ‘feel better’ within myself.

But at that time, the people I was with (2), we all had a laugh. My laugh was more layered with embarrassment and shyness, but 1 of these people said that it was a good thing to have moments like this, these types of ‘embarrassing’ moments, one’s that draw attention, draw laughter. The person said that and explained, because having these moments assists us, not only in relation to these moments and not being so embarrassed by them, but in generally existing and not worrying/caring what others think type of thing.

So, that still sticks with me. It was a very good point/lesson/reminder, what this person said.

Doesn’t mean I have since or will lol, purposely fall over or whatever ha, to assist myself in getting comfortable/not worrying what I or others think, but it’s certainly a good reminder to have when such a moment does happen.

It’s true though. Also, the more one expresses, exposes themselves, the much higher chance of apparent ‘embarrassing’ moments occurring, and of course, no moment should be embarrassing, if it is, then we’ve accepted and allowed some type of emotional response/manifestation in us.

Solution: To laugh it off. To also see why it happened in the first place, can we rectify/change this so it does not happen again - like, what have we learnt and what can we take home from this experience?

So, let’s all embrace, enjoy, learn from, laugh at and in the end, assist ourselves in these apparently ‘embarrassing’ moments, instead of creating some huge deal in our mind’s as thoughts, emotions, feelings, worries, judgements, etc, etc - why waste our time with all of that shit? Just LET IT GO. MOVE ON.



Once at school at phyisical education we were jumping on a trampoline one by one in front of the class, you know where one would jump and then into the mattress then the next one. When it was my turn I jumped so fast my trousers fell to my knees, lol I had to push them up mid-air.
That was it, I should have been more embarrassed but I was only for a brief moment lol.

Cool post, cheers

Haha, thanks for sharing, Ruben.
Cool that you weren't embarrassed for long at all. Glad we can just laugh it off as simply a harmless thing :P