Emanate: Sharing a letter to the team with you... And announcement of announcement! :)

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Hey there my friends! Long time no see...

Been working a lot in Emanate and also on DSound, to minor the problems that Steem API has been facing lately, and so my life has been in closure for a while, but I am here guys! :)

This time is an update on Emanate, soon there will be one on DSound, stay tuned...

linkedin header 1200x627.jpg

Check the new Emanate website here: emanate.live

Whoever knows me well knows that I am not a huge user of chats in any variant... I like social media for the social sharing part, but for interaction I cannot live without face to face interaction, live in person meetings make my day! If not possible, then video conference is the best, and that's what we use in Emanate with such a large geographical distribution! Good that we have technology to ease my life on this one... ;)

My partners at Emanate usually take care of that social media interaction in the chat platforms for me, thanks god... You can call me "old school" if you like, and I think you're right... I am already 18 + VAT! ahahah :D


@prc making one of the new videos on the website...

My partners sent an email the other day to all the 50 people who work behind the scenes in Emanate project about the steps ahead and preparing the guys for the launch of our crowd sale. I just felt that I needed to reply to the whole team and share some thoughts and motivation with them, and I share it here with you (please take a look at the videos that we made for you as well):

Hey there Emanate tribe!

I know that I am not the most present cofounder in the social streams of our project, but that doesn’t mean that I am not deeply into Emanate with all my heart and soul… It’s just the way I am and also the demand of focus and concentration of my work that prevents me from navigating out there with all of you most of the time. But I am always here if you need anything! :)

This project is reaching a very special stage in it’s early life. I bet that all of us have been dreaming of it for months and months! I am positive and very thankful to have ALL of you in our team! This will be our first achievement of many more to come, guys!!!

Our ideas, motivations and, most of all, what is our vision of a great platform for ALL music industry to thrive is almost becoming a reality… The only missing piece is exactly what we’re about to go for. And I am so confident that we will succeed in this endeavour!

Emanate technical vision on EOS.IO

Some say it is not the best timing due to the market, others are just too afraid of a possible failure… But I say WE have, by far, the best damn blockchain project for the music industry in the world!!! The largest and multi-skilled team, the best and more exciting approach and the more extensive and inclusive workflow of all projects in this space! Let’s pass this energy and excitement to the world!!! I am sure that it will speak by itself… ;)

I know it might be scary and the thought of having only one chance of success is somehow threatening, but think with me: if we show the world what we have as a team and project, along with our motivation and enthusiasm about it… will the world have any other choice than to join us and push us forward?! I know they will! Just be yourselves and show it, that is only what’s needed…

And we’ll be flying in no time, my friends! Let’s do this!!! :D

Thank you all,

Pedro Reis Colaço - Co Founder

Meet @prc!

Now let head up to the announcement of announcement part... ahahh :D

Emanate Announcement of Announcement

Soon there will be an announcement of something huge for Artists! DSound tribe, stay tuned!!! :)

And that's it for now folks... Lot's of Love to you all and will get back to you soon!

Cheers, PRC

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When I say bitcoin you says " Weird Stuff " :D
I loved that part ! What a voice ;-)
Good luck with all of your project!

Having fun just reading and viewing your post, really can't wait for more input on this! great to see your face Pedro! and thanks very much for creating, supporting and developing these awesome tools. Have a nice weekend :) @prc

Hey @prc, I totally get you with the chatty-writy-thingy!
It is so true & wonderful, YES, you are always there to help <3

Your really are too cute, a monkey, hehehe <3

Much respect & huggins coming your way man <3


Thanks a lot my friend! Same to you girl! :)


My pleasure Pedro! Thank you <3

Well this sounds ball-bouncingly exciting! Great to hear from you PRC and I always think it's great to have a personal feel about a platform as, after all, people make the platform! Looking forward to the announcement and hope to be a part of the new EOS Emanate platform!

Can't wait to see what's comming! ;)

Thank you for the update. Dsound has helped me to turn my life around!

good that brother, always grateful for the support to all the artists of this great community, a hug!

Everyone has a problem in life. But all your things are resolved.

Wow!!! Those beards are pretty much..Lol!
It will be quite immodest if anyone deny the fact that you've been doing amazing work backed by the Steem blockchain. I am looking forward to seeing your new projects erupts the social scene.
My Friend an amateur Musician wants had issues signing up to steemit.
Do you think dsound will be a better option for signing him up?
I love what you do, Sir @prc

Let me just say as a newbie here, this is very exciting for all artists! Super kewl work prc and all who are doing this work! Amazing! :)


You came to the right place mate! Thanks a lot! :)

Great blog @prc

The infos from the video are cool too

Looking forward to see the emanate project how it will move in the Future

I'm not a social media person who likes the chats too ... maybe more a nomadic/visionary artist

Hope to keep in touch

I've wrote today on my new composition Clubbin'Sketch that i've posted on @dsound and i've asked bout the other composition The Flight to Zamunda ... why it didn't got the attention and the upvote of @dsound as almost all the other compositions had ... or mainly dsound will focus much more into electro-music genre? Thanks and keep in touch @prc & @dsound

Great to hear from you. Really excited about both Emanate and Dsound

I'm really excited. Rainier Avenue Radio has been using dsound since we got on the Steem blockchain and it's been essential for our growth. I just want to thank you @prc for contributing so much to the Steem community. Is there any chance of a hint at when the next update for Dsound will be?

@prc thank you for your gift <3 with this I will be able to fix the fence and the fur monsters will once again have a safe place to play <3 thank you so much <3

Yoooo I am a monkey too any day !!! Cheers bro and awesome news for Emanate!!!

Thanks Sir Sirw you so much love to love a lot of music so much you

Thank you so much to you @prc and your team for working and bringing this project to the world.

As an artist I'm really lookig forward to how blockchain will disrupt the music industry! MN8 is that platform will definitely change the whole game.