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Music is really evolving, and we are now in a space where it's possible to have two artists or musicians who have never met, do a song and release to the public with such excellence that you'll think they recorded it in the same studio.

I've personally written songs for someone in the UK before from the confines of my beautiful Nigerian bedroom. Sometime last year there was an international @openmic mash up organized by @passion-ground and different musicians from different countries and nations, myself included downloaded stems of the raw file and added piano lines, drums, vocals etc

It was finally mixed and mastered somewhere in the US and eventually released.

Here is the Trick Question

How do you conveniently ensure that the publishing rights of every musician is protected when you have such collaborations with people you cannot physically follow up should there be a copyright infringement?

Now you could easily say, "My manager or label will handle all that."

What if you are an indie artist? Then it's going to be a long fight that'll cost you loads of money and time or a fight you'll just have to let go.

I've seen situations when two creative's meet, songwriter and producer, artist and producer, songwriter and songwriter , etc, and spontaneously bond. Now they need their lawyers or managers to sign off on a document for them to work together freely.



On EMANATE, all they need is a good WI-FI😅😅, they log on to the site and fill a smart collaboration form, choosing the song title and the part each person plays in the new body of work.
Now remember that, this is saved on the blockchain and accessible for a lifetime💯.

Collaboration made easy

Soon as they are done they can finish up their song and have it uploaded on the listen page.

Real time payments. They earn MNX for each second of play; how awesome is that.


Soon as they link an EOS account to their account on EMANATE, they can easily convert their earnings and everyone goes home happy.



watch this "2-minute" video to learn more about the 2 seconds payment for musicians

Join us on discord here

still your favorite songwriter



Hell yeah! Nice job on the article @klynic :)

thank you so much sire

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