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Anybody else with a mail dot com email account.

Leave it for half an hour and it automatically logs you out.
OK, I can live with that, but here's what I can't live with .

So I'm sending out my CV, I've updated it, written a short covering piece as an email, and am
busily collecting agency email addresses to BCC, pasting them in as I find them, so about 1 every 2 minutes,

Get to about the 15 email address, go back to and it tells me, we've logged you out due to innactivity.

WTF !!!!! I've been pasting in emails for the past hour !!!! and closing down the tabs once I'd got th email address pasted in to my email,
I'd spent an hour previously, collecting together so I could get their email addresses.
So I wasn't innactive, I'd been pasting in email addresses. no more than 2 or three minutes between each paste.

So clearly, pasting in email addresses does not count as activity in this alleged online email service.

What the actual F*ck !!!!!!

Over 2 F'ing Hours of my time WASTED...

Thanks very much F'ing Mail dot Com !!!!

2 hours completely wasted !!!!!

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