Few basic steps to write a perfect formal Email

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I am sure that many of you are working at an office and doesn’t require a separate article on this. However, there may be few people who are entering the business world. This is for you. The baby steps to write an effective email. I hope this helps you as much as it helped me.

A formal Email starts with “Dear + Name”. You can consider writing the name of the reader you wish to, or you could just refer them using words such as Sir/Madam. I usually prefer to use the name instead of others. Besides, if you are emailing to the person you know very well and get along with each another you could write Hi + name or Hey + name. Then you may wish to greet the reader. Beginning of the email is very crucial as if you write words like simple hi or hey informal email even if you know very well, it is not going to work as far as I’m concerned.

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The first paragraph may be started with “I am writing regarding” or could wish to write “I would like to ask about..” or anything. However, be clear that why you are writing and how the reader is going to help you. If you wish to say the reader about some issue happening at the workplace or if you want the reader to know something, you could say “ I need to bring something to your attention”, you could use draw instead of bringing, something like “draw your attention to”. This way you are saying the matter is urgent and he/she needs to know it. The phrase must be followed by a bright idea and clear message. You can provide details on the following lines.

If you wish to say something urgent to the reader, you could say “ As the matter of urgency, you need to ..” You have to be very gentle while writing this, otherwise, you may end up in writing a rude email without your notice. It happened to me when I was in my previous organisation. I didn’t know my email was so rude, and I had to send another email regarding that which included regrets. You may send your email using perfect words such as “kind regards, warm wishes, or best wishes.”

Some phrases I use to write a formal email are “Please find the attachment”, “I’ve cc’ed/ copied..”, and I look forward to hearing from you/ meeting you.


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Some phrases I use to write a formal email are “Please find the attachment”, “I’ve cc’ed/ copied..”, and I look forward to hearing from you/ meeting you.

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