Are The Rich And Elite Panicking About Protecting Their Wealth? - Episode 1422a

in elite •  last year

Venezuela officially declared default, no we will have to wait to see what happens next. UK retail is imploding, inflation is spiking and people are being laid off, it is a disaster. 38,000 gold contracts were dumped on the precious metals market. Consumer confidence index unexpectedly declined.

Banks are now tightening subprime loans which means this is going to be a disaster for the auto industry. The cabal is still trying to keep the TPP afloat with 11 countries agreeing to terms. Are the rich and the elite panicking because they are hiding money hiring guards.

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Thanks, Dave, for keeping us informed & educated.

Let's see if they can beat me to Litecoin...Just in case I got some Vertcoin in my back pocket 😂


I'm taking the ride to the moon on Litecoin with you :)


Litecoin is going to make my silver stack much heavier.

Meanwhile in the real world...

If the elites are SO SMART , then why are they looking to run ❓They should probably try to remember that they built a large military apparatus , and %70 of it has been infiltrated by the American Militia . Just what do you think will happen ❓When the world wakes up to their deceit and fraud they will go HUNTING these life taking mother fuckers to the ends of the earth ❗️I know I WILL ‼️