What happened?

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This is an old picture from 4 or 5 years ago. Guess what happened? First satisfactorily accurate answer wins post's liquid payout. Note: will roll payout onto the next contest if there's nothing close. My votes on any comments here doesn't indicate correctness.

Accidentally hit post submit earlier, so I'm making something up here :P
Don't bother about the "eli5" tag. It was a mistake.


A project gone wrong :P something you attempted totoallg failed and burned

It looks like your leather jacket is burned...

abang @kevinwong, it looks like a burning electronic device, hopefully, my guess is right :)

nope, totally not accurate haha

Looks like hair, burnt & or pooped on... like one of those troll dolls, maybe with a cap on?! The stuff nightmares are made of. (I’m not done, might be back for more :p



(Still wondering about significance of your saying this was an old picture... hmmm... what did you do/wear, that you no longer do/wear/play with).


haha there's no significance, just saying it's not today's picture :D

Hmmm... Forgot that I was meant to return to this. I'm (near) stumped :D So, when is the Big Reveal? Now, I'm stuck on the what happened? part. Something fell, broke, fight ensued between a cat and 'an undentified thingy'.... Whaaaaaat?! Put us out of our misery, man :p

I wanna say you burned some insulation but man is that a weird looking object.... burnt halloween mask... crap someone already guessed that, changing back to insulation

Looks like a mask was burned. If I am not wrong I can see some hairs. Somebody was afraid of that mask, after watching many Horror movies. The last decision was to burn it and get ridof it. But even masks can come back to life lol

lol not correct. upvoted for the spookiness..

Steemit in 2 years because of the bid bots? xD

upvoted for the giggles!

Just drop by in this post and find an interesting and confusing picture. I like seeing a charred T-shirt and it looks like there's a fish or like a fish.

hahah thanks for dropping by. totally wrong, sorry!

Let the robots decide. Hmmm, they say this is pretty racy 2.png

This post is phenomenal, I learned so much from it, truly astounding!

You sir have changed my world.

LOL. Edited :P

Did you announce what happened @kevinwong?

Nope, nobody guessed it right! I'm rolling the payout to add to the next "challenge" :)

Can I still guess?
I think it looks like burnt foil, it wraps some food.. maybe a meatball or marshmallow.. sausage? Haha it looks skin coloured

Beep beep, wrong answer! Will reveal the next time i'm making another challenge :)

lol, ehm, a mask of yours burned up?

I was thinking the same, maybe it was halloween or just a party, and somehow a mask got burned.

why so many people guessing mask? lol

hmm.... I have me thinking some burn too

after successfully wasting my 5 minutes i'm still finding what is it Lolz :p
i think it's ladies hand bag :p
so caption would be burnt bag or burnt clutch 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. sorry i tried my level best to find 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Hey @kevinwong!
I guess it's a failed oreo + popcorn ice cream.
Hope to haven't guess too wrong.

You are one of the reason I joined steem btw, cheers from 🇮🇹

I'm stopping by my Friend! I hope all is well! I'm thinking did you burn a marshmallow my Friend! I hope this is the correct answer! I'm VERY proudly resteeming, commenting, upvoting and following! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

Interesting photo @kevinwong and I think it's the head of a children's doll, but maybe I'm mistaken :)

I think Its Ice-cream is drop from your hand
I hope i am right

@kevinwong I feel a corrosive chemical poured on that spot or something was burnt there. But that something is what I don't know. Actually, I'm not really good at guessing.

A plastic was burnt there

A halloween mask that had been burned I think?

A strange picture I did not know what that was
Strange article

Great post sir @kevinwong. I think there is something burnt here. Am I right sir?

I don't no.but what is it?

It's a burnt letter. Am i correct???

On the best bro

It must be a mask or wig
Brother @kevinwong 😊😀

It's like a broken mask😀

It's some kind of wig!

Well, I guess this is multi-coloured toothpaste. Either it has been cut open or it was so much squeezed that all of it went out . I once heard that toothpaste is a good abrasive against CD scratches...

That must be Art mask

Charred clothing material rubbing off with some spilled ice cream.

Face in ashes... lol

I think it's the head of a doll. Greetings from Venezuela

Some polythene type has been burned or it may be a wig and a mask burned.

Rubber Glove burned

the mobile phone caught fire, being in a bag

I guess your kid was playing with your Saree and he played hard and spilled ice cream on it making a thick Saree cream condition. Hope you had a taste?

Alcohol, a birthday, and a little too much flame.

I'm guessing it's an alien shortly after ripping itself out of someone's stomach.

This post of yours has made me to cry, sir. This picture is epic and should be embedded in history forever. The whole frame constitutes of a floor, a wall, a pipeline and a partly burnt paper. It contains a lot of insights if we think deeply.

The paper represents our soul, floor is the hell. The gripless wall tells us that once trapped, there is no escape. The paper could have burnt completely. But remember, it is in the hell. The god won't let you die there. You have to suffer, suffer and suffer and scream. The pipeline is being used by the god to supply enough fuel for combustion. OMG, this is really the photograph of the century!


A burnt ear???

Is that the same scarf you are wearing in your profile pic?

It is definitely a burnt wig

seems a burnt T-shirt. Which caught fire. T-shirt with pic of celebrity

This mask brother @kevinwong

this is a burning cloth or paper

after successfully wasting my 5 minutes i'm still finding what is it

Was a mistake.. edited :P

You trying to escape a galactic black hole.

the picture is confusing, but according to my vision, the image of this kind of stuff already on fire but not out of stock

A Hallowen mask partially caught on fire ? :)

Could be a burnt doll..
Man, this is more difficult than the exam I had today.
What kind of monstrosity is that :p

You were trying sth but it Burned ,probably a mask of the devil ;)

melted lump of candle? ahaha

Great post @kevinwong. Thanks for sharing

this is something that burns half of part

As some others before me mentioned, when I saw it I thought right away that it was a Halloween mask that caught fire. Maybe the mask you had for Halloween was really ugly or scary and you burned it hahaha!

Either a black hole to another dimension OR you wrapped something up in foil and cooked it in a microwave or oven and it caught fire?

Here's what the original post looked like:

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Why InteYou Really Just Need One Big Break
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Well, it is a torn T-shirt with some image on the front. This shirt got some cut or burnt with something. Later used as dusting cloth to wash something and then was threw way :P :P

Why should it be a burned mask. It should be an ice cream!

Big fan of Planet of the Apes? It is so hard to smoke with that on your head, right? (—:

Someone shed his skin and tried to burn it so no one realise he is a lizard!

Were you making some fancy salmon in foil dish and burnt it terribly, as you removed it from the oven it dropped into the floor!

I think it's a frozen and rotten bread.

Burning blanket

burnt loaf of bread stuck on aluminium foil?

Someone busted open the pinota!

look like a melted cake

I'm guessing it's a burnt Powerbank with a rubber casing.

my entire life would end up but i still don't figure out what is that

On checking closely, the orange part looks like flame, so, it feels like it's a picture of definitely something burning, may be, it's a picture of a big piece of paper burning.

At first thinking some burning too but change my mind.
Chocolate ice cream dropped on the floor. So sad. Clean it up with a nearest piece of black rag or piece of cloth.

Or: you made a pancake, flipped it in your pan but didn't catch it.

it looks like birdshite on top of a burnt mask.. O_o

look like you had a wild night. gg.

Después de pasar varios minutos viendo la foto, si no estoy equivocada es un perro o un gato acosador montado haciendo can chis can chis jajajaja me doy.

After spending several minutes looking at the picture, if I'm not wrong it's a dog or a stalking cat, I'm making a song, I can make a joke, hahahaha I give myself.

Concern at the brown part, it's look like an ear, is it a burned doll?

It looks like a piece the Pink aluminum backed isolation got burned/melted. How I have no idea, (maybe it was to close to a smoke stack?)and it's prob not right. Either way that's the best guess I can come up with so far.

it looks like a liquid ice cream :D

A shirt stained with some ice cream or something. Hope am right

this is a very interesting post for me, and it could be material

I think it's a burnt shirt or so

These must be the remains of a Demogorgon after an epic fight. Don't know what else it could be :S

What is mistake i>??????????

like a handkerchief burned. am i right?

Left side is burnt cloth/rag and right side is an edited image of someone's (yours probably lol) face which has been smudged and distorted using photoshop?
And two images have been combined. Am I right or am I right? :P

that I really do not know what objects are in the photo, like a pile of plastic that is burned up.

First I would have said it was a head of a puppet, but now I think it looks like a pair of sheer tights. Am I right @kevinwong?

I was thinking about that direction too @alexandraioana26

Because it kind of looked melted...

Awesome post!! Keep it up and check out THIS POST as well as I have something similar.

Wig gets cake on it and gets pulled off and thrown lol

somewhat surprising...
looks like melting ice cream?

thank you for sharing this informative post with us! This point tells us a lot of things.. just joking, what was that?

Looks like some wound of thick hair and some ice cream