Goodbye Bunta, the tame elephant of Aceh Sumatra

in elephants •  last year  (edited)

Happy Bunta, a tame elephant living in a conservation area in Bunin Village, Lokop, Aceh Sumatera. Bunta (elephant) was found dead with ivory cut off, allegedly poisoned by hunters.


Bunta is not a wild elephant, elephants are kept from small and now is very tame and obey the rules and can be friendly with humans. And during his lifetime, Bunta helped BKSDA Aceh to lead elephants outside the conflict in various places.


The Natural Resources Conservation Center of Aceh offers a reward of Rp 10 million for anyone who can provide info on who the killer Bunta. And we hope that the killer will soon be found and will be accountable for the big mistake, and we hope that the killing of this elephant will never happen again.

Hopefully the perpetrators are immediately arrested, only professionals and chasing money who will do this act. Hopefully the perpetrators will soon be found by the police and we hope there will be no more killings of elephants, because in Sumatra the elephants have started to rare and let each other protect the elephants that are not lost from our vast forests.

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