We Should Think About The Wild Life For Sure!

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Why its important to think about the elephant?

As my little child has Got as assignment on this topic that we need to save the elephants when i did my own research i have not found any special post related to the elephants saving which is easy for the student to understand and which will help the little kids in simple words that why we need to save elephants and How to prevent them?

Why there stay is important!

As we know that elephant are the most important for several works as they are very attractive creation people like to get them in the zoo and in the circus as much i know and most of the people like to visit to see them and to get close to them!

When went to the Zoo we normally see them very rarely because of there creation and the saving is very weak these days and we are losing them very quickly they play a vital role in the biodiversity.

When animal live in a place where there is lack of water they always used the tusks to get water and the other animal live with habitat they also get water from there help and there life is get very easy with the help of the elephants.

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How Can We be Helpful To Them As A human?

  • I have seen several ways but let me explain my thoughts how can we be useful to the elephant!

As a research i have seen that millions of the species killed by the humans just to get there ivory and to make some important jewelry and other stuff which make million of money for the people who like to sell those ivory as they get older they get more costly.

  • So if we stop using buying and selling of there teeth we will never get it killed and they will be safe for more time and there will be more help to the elephant when we will keep them alive and there generation will be prolong for long time and they will be lived for very long time.

  • By just simply stopping ivory business the Elephant large amount can be saved from killing and we will save them for the long time.

BY Not damaging There Habitats:

  • Where they live we should not destroy there habitats because they should not change there place easily and that's really hard for them to find a suitable place for them as they are the very sensitive specie they need to be in one suitable place.

Stop War With Them :

  • Human these days are hunting them for many uses so its not just about to make money with there different parts It should be kept in Mind that they should be away from any type of war Because in war to there places would kill most of them as compare to the rest of damages occurs that is just because of there big size.

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  • We should maintain a suitable environment to them so that they can live easily there and in Pakistan We have not seen most of the elephants here just because of the lack of the forest in my state they are just DE-foresting and its is harming the wild stream in my country we should work on the forest In the very net post for sure.

Note :

  • The Picture Used in the post was taken from another site just to clear the post meaning only not for any other use thanks for giving time to our post.

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