Bitcoin, I feel like Hachiko! When will you grow up?

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Bitcoin, I feel like Hachiko! When will you grow up?

The only film I'm crying over and can not stop is Hachiko 💔
The music, the atmosphere, and the way the film is made are so close.
The basis is the real story of a faithful dog, which was waiting for its master even many years after his death. 😥 Unbearably sad ..
I painted in A4 format Fabriano, a brush and watercolor.
I think last time you were interested in facts from my life, so I will continue:

Rubber is the favorite color of childhood. To him, the competitor only pink was once

⭐️ never experienced the craving for extreme. I'm afraid of everything and everything 😅

⭐️ I like to write, that's why I keep all diaries, I have 2: one with my personal, the other with all sorts of events☺️

⭐️ participated in khora, sang folk songs🏆

⭐️ I do not get indoor plants, although I like flowers very much ❤️

⭐️ if I'm lazy, I try to wake myself up, go in for sports or just take a walk

⭐️ I am a very easy going man! Always for any motion and interesting communication 👻👻👻

Write 1-2 interesting facts about yourself, we will get acquainted and maybe wonder 😍😏

Over the past couple of weeks has learned a lot of lessons. One of which is that if you do not want to slow down, then life will make you do it. And there was also time to think about friendship and other eternal values ... After such a break, of course, it's hard to start everything over again, but crying is also not an option. I quietly go back, until everything is covered with grass 😄
Now let's move on to my art

Pencil drawings seem a little naked. As if you are spying on the girl who is preparing to go out into the world ...

Earlier I could not stand photographing pencil drawings, they seem to me a bit naked ... Like the process itself. For me it's something intimate in the work. As if you are spying on the girl who is preparing to go out into the world ...

Many of you are likely to draw good colors on quality paper, and I came to this recently 🙈

All my work was done on cellulose and in the course went only "White Nights".
Now I want to replenish my arsenal, and that's what I tried with a friend and decided to buy:
❣️ 100g cotton paper 300g fabriano
This is an inexpressible sensation ... The paint gently and smoothly spreads over the surface, penetrates inside and does not lose its colorfulness ... I can not compare with other manufacturers, but so far 💜
❣️ Watercolor paints mijello
Color incredibly juicy and bright! It's enough just to take the paint on the tip of the brush and you can start working. In old paints, I had to mutate the brush several times in the ditch to collect enough color. Also a very rich palette of shades 😍
❣️Palette Mijello Double Decke
When I unpacked it, I was very upset 😅 What to do with such a huge palette?) But later I realized that I was just very used to the old .. And the novelty is really very cool! As many as 48 cells for paints, the second half can be removed, or can be used as a separate palette 😇

Do you see the difference between our watercolor and the foreign one? Such a feeling that the colors of our watercolors are not more noble and "expensive" than that (dear ones, and in the literal sense)
Maybe it depends on the specific colors, but often I can distinguish the work done by our watercolor from the work done by foreign producers.
I do not know, maybe I'm wrong, but yesterday our views on this matter coincided with my familiar artists💖

🌸 You know, it's so weird! Earlier for me the computer in institute years was very important for me I always dreamed to earn on new cool MacBook or Mac🌸
Now I'm still working on my old computer and enjoy life, because at the computer I now only send messages to Steemitt. This is once a day, sometimes less often.
I spend all my time drawing, and I do not really need a computer. Most often I edit the images for him, add something to the site and watch movies ... and that's it! 👻
I am very glad that I have changed the technique for live paper and paint 😏😍
I hope artists and freelancers will support me 😅💖

Let's see what bitkoyn is!
Bitcoin (abbreviated BTC) is an electronic payment system in which virtual "money" (bitcoins) is circulating.

The history of creating crypto currency has no clear chronology.

For decades, experts in the field of cryptography have worked to create a unique decentralized system, whose work is based on mathematical calculations. Using the experience of their predecessors and their own experience, Satoshi Nakamoto and Hal Finney in 2008 created the world's first crypto currency - bitcoin.

The entire Bitcoin ecosystem is stored in a block house.

Imagine that every transfer (transaction) in bitcoin is recorded on a separate page. The sequence of pages forms the chapter of the book - the block.
To write a new page (for a new transaction), we need to "flip" all past pages and chapters. That is, each new transaction is executed in a chain - with processing of old blocks (turning pages and sections). The new chapter of the book can begin only after the completion of the old one. And all the chapters form a book, and the blocks form a block. Pages and chapters can not be pulled out or changed. Access to the block is open to all members of the system.
That is, the block is a large open database, which stores encrypted information about all transactions.

You can use without even understanding the details

As a new user, you can start using bitcoyne without even understanding the technical details. After you have installed a bitcoin purse on your computer or mobile phone, it will generate your first bitcoin address, which you can create as long as you need. You can share your addresses with your friends so they can pay you or vice versa. In fact, this is very similar to the work of e-mail, except that the bitlock addresses should only be used once.
This is just a brief information about the system.

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This is the very first one of your pic with serious mode, hopefully BTC will go up soon as we have enough bearish trend for this year


oh yes, I agree
mostly I have funny ideas
oh yes, I agree
mostly I have funny ideas
but how can you have fun when the SBD is below the USD :(
I hope bitcoin will grow and raise all the coins, and we will again be rich)