Another tasty illustration 🍰🍦🍭 My new, original art! ♥♥♥

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Hello kittens! 🐱
New morning, new day, new opportunities! Sometimes I like to wake up early in the morning and sit down for work or just carry out tasks
✔️ That's what happened today
Ahead gjhnhtn, housework and, of course, dinner with family😎
In the meantime, I'll show you one of the works. Another tasty illustration 🍰🍦🍭
I will gladly share it with you 😌🌸
I'm a fan of sweet 🙈
In terms of complexity, this is the first place, the foreshortening, the construction, the details, the drawing, the textures🙈

💖 I think that all artists sooner or later start thinking about their work 💖
Perhaps they begin to look for new ideas, using new materials and more consciously approaching the process itself 😼
Usually this happens when you feel the repetition from time to time, the work becomes more equal or something else ... Everything is clear and predictable! It's getting boring!
Then we will try new material, a new plot or a new format. I had such a coup just recently, I tried new equipment, new paper (it was cotton) and bought new paints of foreign manufacturers. I did not change the subject, they were such portraits, but they began to look quite different.
Therefore, if you feel that you have stopped your creative development, do not forget to try something new! See for yourself how you will continue
in new creative adventures! 👻👻👻
Familiar situation?)) I'm very straight! Today I will go to the art shop and buy myself something new from the materials! ❤️😍

Catch another pencil sketch 🌷

Now everything will be a little different. I hope you accept these changes and do not run away 😄 Someone covers this wave in the spring, and I'll be here by autumn. I will change both the general view, and the main color of the account and even the concept. But gradually))
Many why that confuse my pencils with handles 🙈 ask what firm and whether they helium or ball
So here it is once more! This is an automatic pencil! Rod like 0.5 softness HB or B 💕

Watercolor pencils

If you want to try drawing watercolor pencils, but you have never seen them in the past, then you need to look at the information about them. The main thing is not to confuse them with simple ones.

Externally, watercolor pencils look like ordinary colored pencils. Their rod is pressed watercolor, it does not crumble and very much resembles a stock of a wax pencil.

Cheap watercolor pencils can draw a bright, dry line, but are poorly blurred. When they are blurred, there is a feeling of "dirty" color, and to achieve blur in the "zero" does not work

In this art I used not only colors but also watercolor pencils. I love all the watercolors: paints, pencils, paper. This material was created for me :)

There are several ways to draw with watercolor pencils.

  1. The drawing is completely drawn with pencils. The finished drawing is washed with water.

  2. The image is washed out in parts when it is drawn.

  3. Draw a wet brush, taking the pigment from the pencil rod (ie, almost like watercolor paints). For this method of drawing it is more convenient to use watercolor pencils-monoliths.

  4. The drawing is drawn with watercolor pencils on wet paper (this method is more suitable for children's drawing, since it takes less time and is easy to apply, but the effect of applying wet paper is poorly predicted).

  5. Roll of pencil crumbs spread out on paper and rub. This method of drawing is designed for children's creativity. The crumbs of watercolor are pretty big.

  6. You can make a drawing without blurring. In this case, it will differ in brighter colors than when using conventional colored pencils. It is worth paying attention to the fact that you can not touch the drawing, drawn in a "dry" way, with wet hands. If there is moisture on the paper, there will be a blur spot.

A dry stroke, drawn with a watercolor pencil, is not easily erased. In order not to spoil the paper, the line is rubbed a little with an eraser-nickname, and then it is washed off with water until the color completely disappears and the paper is dried.

To dilute the strokes of a pencil, use a conventional (preferably softer) water-moistened brush or water brush. A water brush is a special brush with a built-in water tank. This tool is also called a brush with a reservoir.

Watercolor pencils are much easier to draw than watercolors.

In the absence of experience, watercolor paint drips from the brush, the details of the picture are scattered, spontaneously mix colors, it is impossible to achieve the required color transparency. Watercolor pencils greatly simplify the process! Get the right color, blur, a thin line and draw details with this artwork tool for a beginner is much easier.

To master the technique of working with watercolor pencils, it is very useful to draw a few simple identical drawings (for example, a flower of gerbera, mallow, apple) and blur them with a brush with a different degree of color transparency.

Today I ordered a glider, I hope, at least, to start planning something 🙈

because I have a to-do list for the day, but there's no big purpose 😅
No seriously! Now it's all said. Half of the books make you think about the meaning of life and your goal. With such phrases, I feel like ants in the house)) I want to go to something ... just as long as she did not dare.
In general, a complex and personal topic, which she decided to share. Perhaps you are now thinking about yourself, your abilities and about what you are doing for this ... every day ..
I want to blame and charge you with motivation for new actions and achievements. Even the fact that I started tracking habits has already given me sooo much! Half of them come true and are included in the daily course ❤️
And why am I doing this?) To think about myself and about my plans. 😌✨ If you save any notes, share them and how? Because I mostly write everything on a piece of paper.

🍷 For perfectionism and self-criticism ⚖️

I think it's funny to scold every second of my creations or persistently convince others of their own curvature. Although I am very strict towards myself in terms of results (like many of you, judging by the recent review in history). This is expressed in the fact that I will never show the audience or customers a job that does not usually suit me. (Of course, this can be too demanding, and this hinders, alas) 🐙
If at this particular time period and in certain initial conditions I understand that I can do better - I (and I often do it) Just silently on a new one. It happens that it comes out normally only the third time 🙊
I can postpone it completely, if it's not commerce, and the mood is gone.
At the same time, I like non-idealism (as a distinctive feature of what is created by hands). When it's good, it's simple and careless. And I have long concluded that it is better to reconcile with the fact that this is not again 10 out of 10, but to torture 👹 to work with endless improvements.

My cat is fast asleep when I draw = (^.^) = 💖

No matter how trite it sounds, but high-quality food, fresh water, nails and resting places will show your cat that you care for it, and it will feel happy.
Do you understand your cat? You probably noticed that sometimes a cat looks at you and slowly flashes. The best thing you can do is slowly blink. And if you first start to blink, then most likely you will see that the cat is also flashing.

This is not accidental. In the world of predators, the indicative slow covering of the eyes means the expression of complete trust and, consequently, of love.
Play with the cat. This is a great way to express care and love. Important: do not buy a bunch of toys for her, but play along with her. She will be much happier if she can run after her belt in her hands than from hundreds of expensive toys that you need to play alone. And many cats love to run after the ball and bring it to the owner

If the cat is sleeping at your feet or at all on you, do not drive it. Although it may be inconvenient, but the cat demonstrates its confidence in this, which means that by letting her sleep nearby, you show her your love.When a cat pushes you with its head and shakes your hand or foot with your cheek, it expresses your affection and shows you what it considers to be yours. Therefore, a great way to express your love to a cat is to lightly hit her on the arm.

I want to admit that lately people have started to compliment me, to say that they are prettier and that something has changed in me 😍🌸

But what I want to say is that it is very important to feel in your place and do what you like, makes you wake up with a smile and nowhere, do not run anywhere, do not rush, and do everything with pleasure 💖
At the moment I'm all 100% me. It's hard for me to remember what I was like a couple of months ago, it seems it was not me ...

My cat also succumbed to the warm sun and the pleasant disposition of the hostess, so I decided to snap off my love portion this morning 😸

I adore my Eve!💕🐱
clever, funny) she constantly talks to me: purrs, meows, comes to me. She's so cool) mercy is simple) I pamper her) I love kissing her. when she does something I'll do instead of scolding I take in my hands and squeezes) Well, it's impossible to scold such a bitch) I adore her!

Friday is an occasion to start something new ❤️

My life changed on this Friday exactly 😊 I returned to the sport 😅, I had time to meet and draw every day 😻

Favorite hobby ♥ ️

Interestingly, but I only have artists on the blog sit?

Write ✍️ WHO YOU? .

I'm curious to know. I'm a computer set operator, but as you understand, I like quite another 😃

Thank you for support! ❤️ ✨

Great support! Thank you! Will be able to continue sharing your work with you 💕

I feel like drawing hours are pouring into something more ... I never imagine how I want to draw, it turns out all by itself.

Even now I'm on the verge of new discoveries and experiments! Let's see what happens next, I hope you will be with me and will also support, for me this is important ❤️

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Nice tuntuni, great boss

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Wow...I didn't even know what watercolor pencils until I saw your post and then looked them up.

This is really cool.


now you know, and you can try them. Drawing them is much easier than paints, besides, the art turns out to be very bright)

Very tasty art indeed! I have included you in my weekly curation Ocean of Art!


yes, very tasty, especially the eye)))
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