💙Drawing my friend Tumblr style. Step by Step.💙

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Hello to all the Steemians !! Today I bring you a drawing made for a friend. This drawing catches my attention for his birthday a few weeks ago, but I had not had the time to do it. He asked me to look as much as possible to him but in my style, and that's what I did. Try to achieve realism but Tumblr or Disney style. :3 <3 💙

Here's the final result.❤

To perform this drawing Use the App Adobe Draw on my mobile.

💙Step by step.💙

💙 Step 1: First I made the outline of the drawing with a pen pencil.

💙Step 2: I begin to paint The skin giving shades with brown and gray tones, and lights with cream and white tones. The skin in this case is a cream color, a little peach. Only using the base colors. Love the end of this at the end. I also do the shirt and other details of the face.

💙Step 3: Now it's time to paint the eyes, eyebrows, mouth, shade the shirt and other details. Now I proceed to mix and blur the colors, also to give shadows in the necessary areas and of course to give the outline on the face to create dimension. I also give details to the frame of the lenses.

💙Step 4: I make the hair using the new technique learned, apart from mixing a bit of realism and minimalism. I wanted to achieve a sense of messy and lighted hair. So I start with the base color. And then making individual hairs in different colors, to achieve the desired effect. I think it went well. I like them more and more. And this time with the shine finish, in the end it looks much better :)

💙Step 5: Now I do what most excites me and I love that it is the illumination in the key areas of the face such as the T zone, the cheekbones, the eyebrows, the lips and other parts. I also do details of light hair, small sparkles and the background in a simple gray color. And finally I make the beard first by creating a soft shadow on the jaw and above the lips, to then create points on that area in a dark tone so that it resembles growing hairs and creates more dimension. Soon I will work more in the background of my drawings and I will also use image editing programs to create new things :)


Gif made in DU GIF Maker on my mobile.

Here I leave the reference image to see if it looks like or not :)




  • Duration: 7.1 Hours
  • Made in:Adobe Illustrator Draw.
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Size: 3600 pixels x 3600 pixels. Trimmed in 4: 3 ratio to 2174 pixels x 1630 pixels, and in relation 9:16.

Click on the image to go directly to my Instagram and see exclusive material.!!

💙I hope you liked it a lot this drawing, see you later🌞🌠👟👦❤💙

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This is a great tutorial for drawing a great sketch


Thanks a lot honey!!🌞🌠👟👦❤💙

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Thanks for the support!!🌞🌠👟👦❤💙

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Thanks for the support!!🌞🌠👟👦❤💙

Damn, we really got an artist here!


Thanks a lot honey!!🌞🌠👟👦❤💙

Mi hermana es diseñadora gráfica y sé que es un trabajo realmente árduo.. Me encantó el resultado final!!


Muchas gracias por el apoyo cariño!! 🌞🌠👟👦❤💙