Lakeside Sketch / Watercolor painting

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Hello everyone,
Today I am posting two watercolor paintings.

It has been hot these days. I went to the lake to do a sketch.

It was a wonderful place with a small lake. It rained the day before, but it was a sunny and beautiful sky spreading on that day. I looked at the ground. The puddle that remained there was shining with the mountain green reflected. I took a walk and looked for a place to sketch.

There was a small cottage near the lake. Into the cottage and looked out of the window. The lake seen from between the trees was so beautiful that I decided to draw a sketch.

Lakeside 1

I use the technique of wet-on-wet to draw a distant mountain. The trees nearby use a dry brush, and add more colors to the top of the color. Of course, the important part of the lake uses white of the paper. This place is cool and I forgot the heat of summer.

Lakeside 2

I moved to paint the next picture. There was a small road around the lake, and I started drawing sketch there.

Draw a water surface that can be seen from between the trees. There is a white birch trees that looks thick and powerful in the foreground and there are winding tree around. They had a very interesting balance. Because the tree in the foreground is a shade, expresses it by a cold color.

This is “Latest video” from my YouTube channel “Watercolor by Shibasaki”.

(C)Harumichi Shibasaki.
All rights reserved.
Unauthorized reproduction prohibited.

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Greetings, Shibasaki

Excellent painting made by you, man. I thought she was very pretty.

It's the first time I've seen your blog and right away I liked it. You possess a talent that few possess. I for example, I can not draw practically anything hahaha.

I hope to see more of your paintings during this journey in Steemit.

I gave you a 100% vote, because I thought the paintings were beautiful!!!

Thank you for posting and good afternoon!!!!


Wow @julisavio You’re welcome :) You are wonderful even if you cannot draw a picture! ;)

Thank you! That's very kind of you to say!

Beautiful beyond anything! How many different brushes you used in this one?

wow man simple awesome!!


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@c-squared, Thanks so much!!!

it is excellent and colourful painting beauty of a nature looking onit i really loving to do painting like u inspiring more to me . i hope to see more paintings such a wounderful work done !00%votes.

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Thank you for the warning!

What a wonderful, colorful and lively landscape. It is so well-captured in your watercolors. Looks like you are having a fine time.


@joechiappetta Thanks!!! I’m glad you liked my artwork! :)

Two more lovely paintings @shibasaki :) Where are you by the way? Your second one reminded me of my love for white birch trees!


Woow, @lynncoyle1 Thanks a lot! :) oh, do you like white birch tree?


I love white birch trees @shibasaki. Years ago I took a watercolor class and the first thing I ever painted was a white birch tree :)

Both are very beautiful paintings, @shibasaki -san :D Love them very much ! I hope there will be cool change for you, soon, also... but these lovely paintings show that even in the summer, your productivity and activity are amazing <3


Hi @veryspider -san, Thanks a lot! :) The Japanese summer is hot and humid! It's a really tough environment for grandpa... haha

Beautiful paintings and good technique I enjoy this post so much


@paulavg Thanks! I'm glad to hear that :)

So...So..Very beautiful @shibasaki
White birch is one if not but my favorite tree. Love apples trees too.


Wow @annephilbrick Thanks! Oh me too, I like apple tree 🍎

awesome painting, I never saw like this before


Thanks for watching! :)

Amazing painting :)

Absolutely brilliant work, the combination such a wide palette of colours make the painting close to reality and you are the master in the creating reflection on water surface!


Hi @stef1, Thanks a lot! I'm flattered to hear that :)

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"Art is which is made by an Artist!"
"An Artist is a person who create Art!"

Excellent dedication and creativity to paint, your watercolors have personality and a fluid stroke...


@angeldecuir, Thanks for watching!

This is so beautiful ! You are so talented ! About these pictures, draws i can imagine that you will be a good painting teacher, with so much passion for art.


Thank you. That's very kind of you to say!

very nice painting



beautiful brushstrokes, very decisive locations.
you are good at choosing a location.
the angle is right for you.
very typical color combination.
your experience must have been many,
how old are you when making the work?


Thanks for watching! :)
It has been over 40 years...


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wao, esto es realmente hermoso, que gran talento tienes!!, ojala pudiera hacer algo parecido, me encanta pintar en acuarela, pero digamos que soy muy novata aun, espero algun dia poder pintar algo como lo que tu pintas sigue asi!!!.


Gracias!!! :)

EXCELLENT PAINTING @shibasaki ,i like to do watercolor painting.But this one is really amazing.Now i become a great fan of your's .Waiting for your more paintings.


Wow thank you so much! :)

Great painting art i want to learn that type of art from you👌👌


Thanks!!! :)

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your painting is like a real word


Thanks for watching! :)

Really nice work


Thanks!!! :)

I really like how you've shown us the process. The end results are amazing 😊


Thank you. That's very kind of you to say! :)

Gorgeous paintings! I've made a few plein air drawings this summer myself. It's been certainly easier drawing outside during this summer, 'cause I don't have air conditioning at home and the indoor temperature was a pretty high for a month or two.


Thanks for watching! :)
Oh, no air conditioning?! It might be hot...

i joined the elegance platform today and came across first post of yours.
stunning art.
i am an amateur artist too but i only sketch with pencil.
i am horrible at paintbrush.
may be i can learn something from you.
following right away haha


Wow thanks!!! :)

Eres todo un artista, me encanto lo que haces, realmente es asombroso


Gracias! :)

I love your style and the way you work with colors!

This is very inspiring- it makes me want to go outside and paint for myself.

thank you for making my day!!!!!!:)


Thank you. That's very kind of you to say! :)

very nice painting I hope to see more of your paintings during this journey in Steemit.

I gave you a 100% vote, because I thought the paintings were beautiful.


Thanks!!! :)

simply this is amazing, art is one of the great factors that defines the human being and through it projects what he sees around him.


Thanks for watching! :)

That's an amazing beautiful . ... great job


Thanks!!! :)

Absolutely beautiful! Especially in watercolor. That is one tough medium to master.


Thanks! It's such an honor to be told that :)

just beautiful

beautiful work

Very beautiful impressionistic paintings! And a great post with plenty of informative text along with the images.

One thing ... where is this scene?

Wonderfull artwork! Congratulation! You have a lot of experience making watercolors!

Ooh I haven't seen this post before- this looks so aesthetic!! It reminded myself to go out sometimes, but its soo hot '-')
I love it, it looks very nice shiba keep up the good work! ^~^


@maya525, Thanks a lot! :)