Memoir of childhood, watercolour artwork.

in elegance •  3 months ago

Good evening everyone, dear @elegance community our childhood period was the golden time of our life. Friends this is a memoir of my college life and childhood when I was a student of class five and I was using this bicycle to go to my school.







Friends this is my little gift to all my friends of college and steemit who feels the same feelings of school days as I am feeling now. Friends come and live your childhood golden period with me and enjoy this artwork.

Thank you.


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Very nice work it does have a feel of melancholy i it i really like the shadow of the bike mixing up with the pole with this beautifull blue color.

Hi raghao,

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@raghao I feel very identified with your work of art. In my childhood I also rode my bike to school. Wonderful memories that are never forgotten. To remember is to return is to live. You were impeccable with your beloved work of art. Wonderful job, you did it with all your heart. With your work I was transported back in time and in the beautiful memories I have of riding my bike in my uniform on my way to school. You're very talented. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

@raghao, nice work. Made me nostalgic about my childhood when i uses to ride my bike to school. Also, love the light effect you've created. Great artwork, keep them coming.

Beautifully done art! I really love that blue shadow, it sets the picture's ambience and creates a whimsical and melancholic setting. So lovely!

And congratulations on your curie vote :).


Wow , i am astonished! First I thought it’s a photo 😀 Great painting from you :-) ! My wife is painting by numbers... but your work is in an other dimension! 👍 well deserved up from curie ✌️

It look real at first sight, like it's a photo. A bicycle sure brings back pleasant childhood memories...

I haven't ride a bicycle in ages, what a shame...

Very lovely piece, @raghao ! You managed to capture the memory of a time from the past well <3 The long shadows and blue tones are deftly used <3

Congrats on curie, as well !

Hey! Great work :)

Very nice @raghao, I loved the process photos, it helps to give others insight to what it takes to create a work of art. Watercolor always intrigues me, It combines multiple art forms, because you almost have to be able to sketch in order to make a functional watercolor painting. Then you have to paint it and some I've seen use charcoal and even pen and ink.
How long have you been painting?

When you connect with a memory, a trusted vehicle to take you to your education, as a child these memories are powerful, we don't think about them when we make them, but later they can have a tremendous impact.

I see this bicycle from the second floor, I am looking down on the memory here, something I cannot reach, something lost in time....

Steem on!

The backward process shots is something new to me. I usually see artists post Finished Product > Beginning > step 2 > step 3. Yours were End to Beginning. Creative and simple. It's a lovely piece of art :D

Wow! Amazing work! It's really beautiful!!