Orchid In colored pencils, step by step.

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Today I have new pencils.
Brilliant, bright, super pencils from Faber Castell, colored pencils Polychrome.
And, of course, immediately wanted to try them in the case.
Having painted not long on white paper, I began to check them on black paper.
And I really liked it!
Colors are persistent, the coating is good, dense and bright.

Drawing with such pencils is a pleasure!
Here's what I made:

And here is a little process








I hope you like it!

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I used to love doing coloured pencils on black paper because it came out so vibrant :) Although that was also a problem because I rarely knew how to deal with such vibrancy XD These flowers look beautiful, so lots more coloured pencil work in your near future? :)

Yes, I thing so! I like it a lot and going to do more artworks with black paper!
Thanks for your support!

Now this is something i have to try!!!
Im such a fan of.your art :D

Thank you! I am happy you like it!

What a great use of pencils. I am not a great drawer. I brought some awesome pencils and books to start learning and got a rhino done but then life got in the way. We have a son now so will have to pull them out again.

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

Beautiful art with them I remember buying my wife a set of their pencils when she was into drawing

Oh, it's a great gift! With such a gift, I want to draw and draw more!

@prostosun And with your talent for drawing you should be drawing more :)

I draw and paint all day around!:))) I am an art teacher for kids ;)

@prostosun Thats so cool the kids are lucky to have you as a teacher

oh, i never saw pencils like this of faber castell, seems beautiful! i have commented so many posts of art today and im missing drawing and paint :( Fantastic! I hope you keep enjoying your pencils!

I think these are the coolest pencils from the fauber. If you see them, try them. You'll feel the difference!

I remember as a kid, how excited I would get when I got a brand new box of crayons, and a little older, a fresh box of pencil crayons. Do you still feel this way? :)

Love the orchids :)

Exactly, it's like in childhood from a new box with something drawing!

Exactly, it's like
In childhood from a new box
With something drawing!

                 - prostosun

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hahahaha! Thank you! It's my first haiku in my life!

That's awesome @prostosun; I thought so!😎

No words, just beautiful :)
I can see the magic of colors giving fabulous life to an art. Its lovely to see your art.

this is so pretty! i love the soft 3d effect you achieved with the orchid petals

Yes, with these pencils you can make this effects.

Very beautiful drawing


Whoa that looks amazing! Love seeing the process of this drawing. Very nicely done! Upvoted :)

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thank you for your support!

Love drawings, love orchids .. combine those two, and I really love your post!

Красиво получилось на тёмной бумаге светлыми карандашами.

Es sencillo, elegante y artistico... me gustó mucho... un saludo desde Venezuela amigo #thealliance

it looks lovely, using a black background as an contrast was a very good idea ^^
i think someday i should try it out too xD

Алиса, поздравляю с покупкой) я тоже полихромы открыла для себя недавно, буквально недели две назад. Теперь собираюсь порисовать ими. Очень понравились!!!

А вот твой рассказ про волшебный магазин и сподвиг меня забить на все и пойти оторваться по материалам)))) Теперь все, другие карандаши померкли рядом с полихромами!

А я про них рассказывала или нет? Я уже забыла))) Но они крутые конечно!!! я купила набор из 12 штук и потом докупила еще штук 15 )))

Кстати, не думала, что они на темной бумаге тоже хорошо идут. Я то в блокноте светлом почирикала)

You guys makes it look so easy. I love art but I just don't seem to have the talent for it. My son draws pretty good and I think he got it form his mom's side. Anyway your orchid looks amazing with the colored pencils. 😊

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gorgeous !

this is very lovely and elegant in its simplicity and beauty, @prostosun <3 very nice post~ the petals are done very tenderly and the colours are really nice <3

Thank you!
These pencils allow you to make such gentle and smooth color transitions.

woow, amazing art.

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