ART EXPLOSION WEEK 52: Theme SEA CREATURES/ "The anchovy" - Stained glass of cardboard

in elegance •  6 months ago 

Hi Steemians! It is a pleasure to participate in this contest: ART EXPLOSION WEEK 52

Thank you to: @juliakponsford!


Working process

■ You can see the process step by step. First, I drew the anchovy on the cardboard.

╠ 1 ╣


■ Then I cut parts of the cardboard, giving the shape of the anchovy.

╠ 2 ╣


╠ 3 ╣


╠ 4 ╣


■ Here I am gluing with the yellow paper on some parts of the anchovy on the cardboard.

╠ 5 ╣


■ Then I glued the platinum paper on the anchovy.

╠ 6 ╣


■ Finally I glued the platinum paper in the last parts on the black cardboard, and ready!

╠ 7 ╣



■ Black cardboard■ Blue platinum paper
■ Pencil■ Silver platinum paper
■ Ruler■ Turquoise platinum paper
■ Eraser■ Yellow paper
■ Glue■ Cutter
■ Scissor

Thank you and successes to all!


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Thank you very much for the support!!

Great job, I like this fish!


Thank you!