INNOCENCE .... Portrait of Childhood by Neha Bisht / Oil on Canvas

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Children - We were all children once. And I always find myself in the company of children all the time. :)

I was a kindergarten teacher . Today I teach and counsel children of all age groups as a swimming instructor and aqua counsellor(adults too! ) . I have babysitted almost all my younger cousins, nieces & nephews.
I am most happy in the company of children. Exasperated too sometimes :D. But mostly happy. It gives me immense pleasure to see them grow in confidence and blossom.

Children for me are divine. Their divinity lies in their purity and innocence. Their connection to their Unconscious consciousness is very high. Hence they are very intuitive and instinctive. Like animals. Their reactions are very spontaneous. They speak the truth of the Universe.

I want to relate an incident that occurred with me last year, in the summer of 2017. It brought tears to my eyes.

While teaching swimming I make the children play a little game called "Earning your Dream".
Each one tells me what he wants. To make them work positively towards correcting their mistakes and learning, I grant them their dream on being successful.

One day I asked the group of kids in front, "What do you want. The Universe belongs to you. But you have to work to get it ".

Some said, "I want to be a millionaire". Some only wanted a planet full of strawberries and chocolates. Some wanted the pool to turn into a chocolate pool. Some said "I don't know. Anything". There were still others who wanted to own the entire hotel !! ! :D :D

The last one was a little girl of 4 years, Miraya.
Miraya is a very bubbly , cheerful, determined, fearless and focused little girl.
She had been in a car accident and was recovering from her accident trauma. She was a little scared , yet was bravely battling to overcome fear.

When Miraya's turn came, she looked straight into my eyes and said , "I want you to be happy , Ma'am".
I thought I misheard . So I asked again. Again she said , "I want you to be happy, Ma'am".
I was stunned . I choked with tears. I had been going through an emotionally difficult time.
Why did she say that ? How did she see it ?
Only one thought came to my mind, - "God & Universe speak through children and children see what no one sees ! "

She is back with me again, cheerful and confident, learning her skills.
Miraya & Me 2017

There is one thing I want to say, - Children are not extensions of their parents. They are individuals. They must nurtured with due respect to their individuality. A better human society is a byproduct of better and more balanced people. And it begins with the children. Give them a better and holistic environment to smile and grow up in . Cultivate compassionate humane values. Not regressive social mores. Listen to your children.

My oil colour compositions, INNOCENCE portrays the purity of a child.

INNOCENCE ....   Talking to Angels
Oil on Canvas

The little princess looked out of the window.
Saw two sparrows resting outside the window.
She ordered them to fly away with a secret prayer on their wings.
And sure they did…
Her Prayers came true ... ! 😊

Thank you for viewing , appreciating and supporting.
Success to all. 🍷🍷

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Thank you for the honour and support, @elegance & @appreciator. It is a great honour and pleasure to be a part of such awesome platform, / @elegance. I am honoured 😊


Hello Neha thank you for sharing this with us touching story.
Kids are our future :)
BTW we hope everything is good with you.
Best of Luck

thank you, @mihail.tsvetkov, for your appreciation, support and friendship . Great to hear from !
Everything is good ! Everything is always good :)
My best wishes to you and @kanoe too :)

Another beautiful painting and a heart touching story behind it. The story made me remember this audition:

ADORABLE. The little fellow stole my heart :) . Thank you for the appreciation and the support, @hungryhustle :)

The painting of little angel is amazing, you could really reflect the innocence of a child, very detailed tiny hands and face features. I can imagine the whole scene how everything happens and how the child is talking to birds. I believe I did the same.

The story that you shared about little friend is really touching, it is true the children can feel the emotion of adults. We think we can hide emtion if we smile and answer with a cheery voice but they can read the body language and the eyes. I heard many time how children mentioned sad eyes and it is a truth that this exists.

I love the photographs from your swimming classes and to hear the stories, hope there will be some more.

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thank you @stef1 for the awesome feedback. It is pleasure and honour to read your comments.
so sweet that you used to talk to birds, @stef1. My son used to talk to caterpillars. I used to talk to stars and a goat was my best friend :D :D .... All children are like this... sweet and innocent and in their own trip :D

Miraya is so cute!.
And yes, as you said.... there is much 'Divinity' in children, in their thoughts, deeds. You are really lucky to have them around you always... :)

Yes, Miraya is very cute. I am truly lucky to be a part of their innocent moments :)
Thank you, @geetharao . Great to hear from you :)

Truly adorable @nehab :)

thank you, @bunnychum :)

As usual full of innocence. I find it in everything you post here. Maybe it is the reflection of your soul. Yes, children have a pure heart and that is why they can feel which we can't.

I see that I have missed a lot of good posts from you. I did not come online at all during all these days. I hope u r having fun in your swimming classes. :)

thank you @honeychum . I too come here only Sunday to Sunday. No probs is missing posts. Happens with me too. I am very happy that you like this one :) . Honoured. :) :)

Hello @nehab, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

thank you @creativecrypto, for your appreciation and support. I am honoured. Followed you :)

Beautiful painting ,

  ·  last year (edited)

thank you. Glad you like it :)

Children are the future and I draw too.

Thank you for your appreciation and support :)


thank you :)

a wonderful potrait of a beautiful doll.
You nailed it..

thank you . Very happy that you like it :)

very good portrait!

thank you. Glad you like it :)

Nice post...

thank you :)

nice work..keep going. . 😍😍

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thank you :). Glad you like it :)