"Ascension of The Fallen Angel" - Explain your thoughts with #Steemfantasy contest #1:

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This is a submission for the steemfantasy contest #1 held by @bluemist.
The topic is " Explain Your Thoughts with #SteemFantasy Contest "

My thoughts ......

"It took a while for me to shed the weight of broken wings of dreams that fell mid flight.
It took a while for me to shed the pain of tears I could never shed.
It took a while for me to rise above the still waters of despair.
It took a while for me to turn my back on the darkening shadows.
And on the demons gnawing at my soul.
It took a while for me to look at the light shining upon me.
It took a while for me to know that every darkness, every demon, only pushed me closer to you.
It took a while for me to see the light you so wanted me to see.
It took a while for me to know that you never left my side and never will.
Your light and your power smiled patiently as you saw the fallen angel rise ! "

Thanks for the awesome contest @bluemist.
The picture made the words flow.
@nehab :)

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For the ascension of a fallen angel it's required some music:


Enjoy listening @nehab

Your music is awesome @luciannagy. Blaze of Glory, this picture and my verse Ascension of the Fallen Angel dance well together. Loved it :)

Wow.... Painting is just Superb! And so much meaningful wordings.....
Welcome back to the platform after a long time 😘

Thank you @geetharao. The painting is not mine. It is part of a contest hosted by @bluemist . I have written the verse for the contest :) . Glad you liked it. Yes it has been a long time :) . Hope all is good. My good wishes to you :)

Completely speechless by your words. It took some time for me to fully absorb your words.

Thank you so much for participating in this contest, i'll soon announce the theme of next contest along with winner of this one.

Thank you @bluemist. Your contest initiative is awesome. Loved it. Your picture above, made me speak, :) Eagerly awaiting your next theme and results . :)

To me, it seems like a soul craving for wings but cruel world deprived her of it. You are fantabulous Neha :) Your fan, always.

  ·  last year (edited)

I delighted with your words. A thought that transmits the painting to another level :)

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