Watercolor sketch in the museum of railway transport. Diesel locomotive TE1-20-195

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Hello, everyone!

In the previous post I wrote that I went to draw in the museum of the railway transport.
I did a little sketch with watercolor in the sketchbook.
Most of the exhibits were in black and gray shades, but I liked the unusual green locomotive which a bit similar to the tram. I decided to paint it.

So, this is a diesel locomotive TE1-20-195. The diesel locomotives TE1-20 series were built at the Kharkov Transport Engineering Plant in 1947-1950 for passenger and cargo traffic. The prototype for this series were American diesel locomotives of series D, supplied to the USSR since June 1945. A total of 297 diesel locomotives TE1-20 were produced.
The diesel locomotive TE1-20-195 worked on Ordzhonikidzevskaya and North-Caucasian railways.
The service weight is 129.9 tons, the design speed is 93 km / h, the diesel power is 1000 l / s, the length along the coupling axes is 16.9 m, the fuel reserve is 5.25 tons.

At first I quickly drew the contours with a pencil, outlined the contours with gray liner for accuracy, filled the picture with color. In the end, I emphasized some lines with a thin black liner.
I used a mini-set of water colors with 12 colors and a nylon brush with a tank.

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I apologize if you find mistakes in my text. Unfortunately, my English is not perfect.

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Well done, @kleonella. This work of yours is truly beautiful. Thanks for sharing. 😃


thank you very much)

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This is superb! Beautiful work!


thank you)

You have been featured on @artzone.

Courtesy of @gbija

Another wonderful locomotive art, @kleonella ! I love how you capture these trains in your style :) The details are so well done and I really like your colours !!


thank you very much)

Very good work!


thank you)