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When it comes to creativity, I get it from an inexhaustible source. It's up to me just what I'm getting out of it. An image is generated from swirling colors and shapes. The picture starts your imagination, you find new, unknown things in its depths.

Képernyőkép – 2018-09-09 10-47-09.png

Képernyőkép – 2018-09-09 10-51-15.png

Képernyőkép – 2018-09-09 11-00-12.png



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Képernyőkép – 2018-09-07 20-08-27.png

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It's not just beautiful, it's some fairy-tale world. I especially liked the last photo. It resembles the realm of beauty. And the road to the very center of the kingdom. and everything is so spacious and beautiful and majestic. Maybe it's my fantasy, but I can see it.

Nice photo

Wonderful work and creative.

Beautiful use of colour

Good Sharing thanks, how wonderful!

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Woww really nice Colors combination 😍
If you don't mind please see my blog i hope you like my photos :)

The more you practice the luckier you get!

They are purely amazing & mesmerizing. I would love one on my wall. ;-)

A colorful explosion! The colors play in harmony, love this!

Wow, this is beautiful! Amazing colour! I've been seeing very interesting Fractal art! Really impressed with this!

High contrast are the shades of photography. To me they symbolize the options of expectation and depression to which humankind is always subjected.