Weekly Top 10 Featured Posts #21

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Every day (Monday to Friday) @elegance selects two quality posts from the Elegance platform and those posts are given a complimentary support from @Appreciator who is focused on uplifting quality content on the Steemit platform.

These are the 10 posts which were selected and encouraged this week.


Let's paint our beautiful Bank of River Ganges. The Kashi.

By: @raghao



Cheetah! My new work with pencils "Taiga dreams." The drawing process.

By: @elenasteem



Autumn night dream. Working in thin layered oil technique

By: @yurche

BRWJ2YmdUFozvhzfVpSViWN9rFcoyMb81gT6X5yZPRRbPn7g (1).jpg


Pawn chess drawing by Ran

By: @ran.koree

QmWtDsXcvZx3qsucAknozbExBm8TZKHHnacf3haeJjoqMa (1).jpg


My chess doodle

By: @anitacarolina



“What Ever Happened to Butterflies? 何がチョウチョウに起ったか?” Cut Paper Art 切り絵

By: @koto-art



Draw "Beautiful Couple" Drawing

By: @priyankachauhan

QmQGHP6sDdMaS68ztAMuLuBYyNGFSFe4CqmQpnWNm5gJ8n (1).jpg


Shadows of pine trees

By: @anitacarolina

QmNdRckmKWSuV6Kvu4tvXqhUR5SK4UQBqP1VHXZuo5GtfB (1).jpg


Lost toy. Drawing an illustration for a children's book

By: @kleonella



Looking for some christmas presents? -NOWARGraffitis

By: @nowargraffitis

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