Weekly Top 10 Featured Posts #15

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Every day (Monday to Friday) @elegance selects two quality posts from the Elegance platform and those posts are given a complimentary support from @Appreciator who is focused on uplifting quality content on the Steemit platform.

These are the 10 posts which were selected and encouraged this week.


Pencil Drawing- Gratitude

By: @unyimeetuk



Lavender Sachet

By: @super-em



Inktober Day 6: Irog the Cat

By: @aalagenesis



"Vegetables on a blue drapery"

By: @sweettais



Art 150: Inktober 7 “Exhausted of Loving You”

By: @christianyocte



Time for a blanket and hot tea. The process of creating a picture step by step.

By: @knopka145



Anubis Graphic drawing .

By: @vitalina



My special artwork, to reduce the anxiety.

By: @artpower



Entry for Steem Monsters Art Contest / スティーム モンスターズ アート コンテストに参加します

By: @djynn

187E2C72-27D2-4091-BF84-CDD56E1136D1 (1).jpeg


inktober day 11 [Cruel] Never forget. - Trial by comics entry #1

By: @gooze


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