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RE: What Is In My Sketchbook? by Endija

in #elegance2 years ago

Some really cool sketches here! I love that dotted style.

I love the hare, its really detailed and accurate but also highly stylised. You must have spent a lot of time studying the animal to be able to make such a well made piece of art with your own spin on it.

I also really like the headless body with the blue line, it looks great. Great idea to think of something like that. Plus, I have no clue how you managed to put the blue line in but not get any blue on the hands haha!

Finally, my other favourite is the falling person. The mix of dots and lines really give a lot of movement and activity in the sketch.

Keep up this great work. I am now following you!


I am reading this and smiling!! I am drawing almost all my life, so, I guess years of practice is the key here.
I tried my best with that blue colour, was not the easiest task,haha! But I am really happy that you love that idea.
All you wrote here is just such a huge compliment for me, I can not say enough to you thank you! Thank you! Thank you for making my day better!

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