Owl Ilustration Art Drawing

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This time I will draw a work of illustrations, with the theme of owls, illustrations depicting the colorful soul and the fondness of deep imagination, hoping to fly deep into the sky.
Although in the middle of the night the darkness. eyes never blind and wings keep long stretches.
The tool used is an A5 painting paper, pencil, brush, and color markers.

Here are the peroses that you can see.






That's some process of depiction from stage to stage, hopefully you can enjoy it. the image in the making process is very simple, just goes according to the imagination. the authenticity of the results and the work you can see in the parts of each stage is true it is the work I do myself and original.

Art is a cool and fun thing, you will understand when you understand their feelings that love art.
Well, so much from me, may be useful for you all.

art greetings@arifmunandar72

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Thanks to @elegance and @appreciator for appreciating my work

Very nice perspective. Very nice drawings.


Thanks for like my art work

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