Oppression (one of my first acrylic paintings)

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17 and in rebellion

Back when I was a teenager, I had a bit of a tough time with my parents. Probably every teenager does, but I felt this struggle very deeply. I wanted to be free, while I now value the safety I had as a child. I think everyone goes through this phase more or less.
I painted this as one of my first pictures in acrylic with no schooling whatsoever, but all the more feeling. It looks as raw as I felt. I would now love to be able to create with such ease and nonchalance again, just raw emotion onto paper or canvas. But I have a different style now and I have education in various fields that I cannot just forget while painting. I've become more perfectionistic than is good for me perhaps...
Anyway, I still like looking at these old paintings of mine - to give you an idea of how old I am: I painted this in 2003!

By the way, if you like my art, you can find some pieces on products on redbubble. I appreciate any way you want to support me, also by upvote/resteem of course! :-)

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