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Seems someone wasn't so keen on it. I'd expect him to be busy spending all the money his posts make. Stay cool


His posts are making money because the stakeholders here aren't incentivized sufficiently to police voting circlejerks. It's a bug that needs a solution.


I'm delighted to stumble upon this comment. I eagerly look forward to the solution.

Right now, I'm putting all my voting power behind quality curation, as it seems curators and content creators are being squeezed right out of the reward pool by outsized delegations to vote buying circlejerk and developers. But I'd pledge to use half of my voting power to fighting abuse if there were a better system.

(That said, I do downvote conspiracy bullshit off and on)


The small players fear retaliation,but they lose out due to this greed. I'll happily delegate to accounts that deal with it

Shenzhen is incredible :0 @sneak thanks for the share!

Crazy Shenzhen!!! You should take a look to this one, is not a docu but same place.

lol, and germans try to save energy

Yeah go for it... Show him power :-)