Classification and Application of Optical Sensors

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When making precise measurements, the measuring tools we use are equipped with an advanced sensing device called an optical sensor. Although we often use this kind of sensor, the editor believes that most readers and friends are not very familiar with optical sensors. The following is a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge of optical sensors.

Introduction to Optical Sensors

An optical sensor ( is a sensing device applied to measurement tools. The use of the optical sensor is to use the optical principle of the sensor to measure, and in the process of using an optical sensor, because the measurement is not in contact, and it will not be on the scene during measurement. cause damage. Therefore, the measurement of the optical sensor is very precise and it is hardly disturbed by other factors.

Optical sensors mainly include optical measuring instruments, encoders, optical fibers, gratings, and other devices. These devices cooperate with each other to enable the optical sensor to work properly and accurately measure various data. The design of the optical sensor mainly considers whether the detection target can appear. The target here is mainly whether various parameters can meet the requirements of the target, such as whether the values ​​of various lengths can meet the requirements, so it is mainly used in various Whether a variety of industrial, electronic products and automation parts can meet the requirements of the test.

Classification and characteristics of optical sensors

There are many classifications of optical sensor masters, and various sensors have their own applications. Optical sensors mainly include optical image sensors, transmissive optical sensors, optical mouse sensors, and reflective optical sensors. The image sensor is mainly used for the overall measurement of the image, which can collect the approximate image of the entire object on the sensing device so that people can have a precise understanding of the approximate image of the object; the transmission optical sensor can be projected and the internal device of the object can be measured. Induction, collecting data to measure and control; optical mouse sensor is a kind of measurement that uses people's touch control, because the mouse sensor and mouse work similar to the working principle, so named; the reflective optical sensor is mainly used for long-distance measurement, for example, to measure the distance between the earth and the moon, which requires the use of reflective optical sensors.

Generally speaking, optical sensors have the characteristics of low power consumption and are more energy-efficient. Optical sensors can automatically adjust the rate of measurement to optimize overall performance for more accurate data without oscillations within the circuit.

Applications of Optical Sensors

Optical sensors are mainly used in high-tech fields, especially in the aerospace industry, where optical sensors have an irreplaceable role. The height of the aircraft can ensure the safe navigation of the aircraft; in national defense scientific research and the information industry, optical sensors also play a very important role. The use of optical sensing devices can greatly improve the accuracy of weapons and enhance national defense; optical sensors are used in It also plays an important role in medicine. The use of optical transmission sensors can see through the inside of the human body and improve the effectiveness of medical treatment.

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