#OriginalMusic - Deep Techno - Maschine Sketch - Clouded Dreams

in electronicmusic •  10 months ago

Quite a fan of how this sketch turned out as it was one of those times when pieces fall in place together nicely.

I am usually very easy to separate from the sketches I do to keep the hand sharp and never take them further from their loops, but of course there are a couple that make me think it could be a proper track. This would be an excellent example of that.

From production standpoint one thing to point out is of course Polyplex and I don't use "of course" lightly here as it is one of the most inspiring and immediate drum machines available in NI roster. I have it's close cousin Form won in a contest that I haven't given proper time to, but look forward to tinker with it in near future as it looks just as inspiring.

As always, tune into the blog to get a daily dose of curated House and Techno music from up-and-coming artists and follow my production and DJing journey.

Thanks for checking this one out! Much love!

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Can't wait to hear this one in high quality!


Cheers, man, I do like it quite a bit, so maybe I will work on turning it into a full track. Glad you enjoyed it!