Tech House :: Tune of the Day : GIOC & Vanucci - Groover

in electronicmusic •  9 months ago

When a tune turns out a banger no need to underplay it, such is the case with the "Groover", quite a statement in the title you'd think, but then it completely delivers and why be mad when you can be grooving instead.

What we have here is an impeccable specimen of the deeper side of Tech House with immediately intoxicating bassline and percussion following the best traditions of the established sound. Short vocal samples igniting the energy further and keeping the vibe up all throughout sound remarkably timeless perhaps due to whole track being adorned with the charming instrumentation bringing the classic analog rumble along with sexy clean modern sounds.

It is an easy trap to fall into to call tracks "simple" when in reality it becomes a huge feat of it's own to create music that has just the right amount of elements and treatment to it. And it comes off instantly - the whole tune breathes and moves as a single entity, tight and contained, every part doing it's own irreplaceable job. 

This was the case for me with Groover, immediately clicking with it and knowing that it's a quality work, a tune that can both highlight a plenty of things learn from and case study in why wholesome music has a tendency to subside the itch to be deconstructed.

What is Tune of the Day?

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More than anything, the reasoning behind the series was always sharing new exciting music by artists that are longing to be heard so any extra exposure is a good thing.

All artists featured on the blog are contacted and notified of the post, and get a gentle nudge to join this incredible community.

I love putting my feelings about music into writing so each post will also have a couple of my own words on why I love that particular track and how I perceive it, a mini-review of sorts.

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